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Guide To The Best Aftermarket Motorcycle Mirrors

Mirrors may seem like such a simple component of your bike. But just like everything else, they make a difference in your riding experience and safety.

Mirrors can affect your ride if they:
- vibrate too much
- have low visibility: view is restricted and you can't see everything behind you
- aren't at the right height for the rider
- aren't durable and break easily if bike is dropped 

Riders often find that the stock mirrors are not ideal for them, as stock products tend to be "one size fits all", and well... everyone is a different size. Maybe you find that your own body is taking up too much of the space in the mirror and you can't see the actual traffic around you as much. An aftermarket mirror that's more suited for you will allow a wider field of vision, which will keep you safer on the streets.

And of course, aftermarket mirrors tend to be a lot more attractive too. It's another way to inject more of your individualism into your bike

Today, we'll go over some of our favorite aftermarket motorcycle mirrors.

Types of Mirrors

You wouldn't think there are so many styles to consider. It's just mirrors after all! But what you get is important as mirrors are an integral part of your safety on the street.

What kind of mounting do you want?

bar end // bar mounted// fairing mounted

- Bar end mirrors: This is one of the most popular types. These mirrors are either clamped to the end of your handlebars or have an insert that slides into the bar (Rhinomoto makes great, high quality weight bar ends). This position at the end allows for the widest range of vision.  

- Bar mounted mirrors: These are mounted to the handlebar (not at the bar end) before the grip. This doesn't give you as wide of a range of vision as the mirrors are closer in.

- Fairing mounted mirrors: This offers a slightly more unique look. The mirror is mounted on the fairing instead of the handlebar. This kind of styling is popular with sportbikes due to the position of the handlebars being more forward. 

Some other factors to consider:

- Glass type: Typically, mirrors will come in either flat glass or convex glass. You know that familiar sticker we all see on car mirrors: "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear"? This is because the glass is convex. It has a curved surface outwards, providing a wide range of vision.

Flat glass is like the mirror in your bathroom. The field of vision isn't as wide, but there are no tricks on the distances.

- Size of mirror: Since you're personalizing your bike, you can decide how big or small you want the mirrors to be. With small mirrors, of course you won't be able to see as much (duh). So it's best if you choose convex glass for more range of vision.

- Length of mirror stem: Some rider find that longer stems help with visibility. But make sure they're not too long. It's best to still have a bit of your body (like your shoulder) in the mirror so you can have a frame of reference to judge the distance.

- LED lights: Some mirrors have LED lights for turn signals, which is helpful especially when riding after dark. Just an extra safety measure. You may want to consider this if you use your bike as your main mode of transport, including commuting.

Now, let's take a look at some of our favorite mirror recommendations, for their functionality and style.


Started by two brothers in the mid-90's, Rizoma produces a line of innovative, premium accessories with an exceptional attention to detail. They are especially well-known for their side mirrors and turn signals, which are unmatched in the motorcycle aftermarket industry. All Rizoma parts are designed and manufactured in Italy using high-quality materials such as composite fibers and aluminum. While Rizoma is still a relatively new company, it has gathered a large, loyal following (especially with BMW and Ducati riders). 

Rizoma Dynamic Universal Mirror ($73)

While simplistic, this beautiful mirror still makes a statement. It's designed with beveled edges that invoke a look of elegance and class. You could say the Dynamic Universal mirrors are - easily - one of the most efficiently designed mirrors that Rizoma offers. They are available in a clear finish, a black finish, or an anodized polished finish. However, keep in mind, adapters for these mirrors must be purchased separately. Can be mounted on any bike. 

Rizoma Reverse Retro Universal Mirror ($91)

The Rizoma Reverse Retro Universal Mirror is a good choice for naked bikes to enhance that "street fighter" look. They have a cool retro style that's a good alternative to the "antenna" mirrors. They are reversible and can be mounted left or right, above or below the bar ends. The heavier weight of these mirrors allows for better stability.  They are available to be used with Motovation's Universal bar ends and Rizoma's own non-tapered bar ends. Can be mounted on any non-tapered handlebars with 22-30mm OD, as long as there's 12mm of bare bar at the end.

Shop for Rizoma Motorcycle Accessories.

Constructor Racing Group (CRG) Mirrors 

CRG makes the only CNC machined mirrors on the market. Everything made by CRG is manufactured in-house with computer numerically controlled machining processes. And all parts are cut from solid aluminum billets. This process is not the cheapest, but it produces parts with the highest degree of precision and finish. And so CNC machining is the standard for race-quality bikes. 

CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror ($93.56)

With a no-frills minimalist design, the CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror is for the new generation of sportbikes and naked bikes. It's made of a durable billet aluminum material so that it can withstand nicks and scratches, and will last for a long lifetime. It has convex glass that allows for a wider range of vision. Can be fitted on bare 7/8" bars. These mirrors pair very well with Rhinomoto Bar Ends for naked/unfaired bikes like the popular FZ-09.

CRG Hindsight 3" LS Bar End Folding Mirror ($67.96)

There's a reason why this is named the Lane Splitter (that's the LS part) mirror! It folds when you need additional clearance through tight spaces, AND it will automatically retract if you collide with another object. Its of an aluminum CNC machined billet construction, and is strong enough to withstand potential accidents and damages. The CRG Hindsight 3? LSBar End Folding Mirror will fit most 7/8" handlebars, as long as there's 3/8" bare bar (not covered by the grip). And there is an optional Adapter Kit that allows mounting on virtually any handlebar/clip-on.

Shop for all CRG Motorcycle Mirrors.

Performance Machine (for Cruisers)

Performance Machine, founded in 1970, is known for their high-quality accessories for Harleys, offering a wide range of products for customization. They understand that style and individualism is important, but also without quality and function should never be compromised. 

Performance Machine is known for their progressive engineering technology and everything is made in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The brand represents luxury, custom, clean and elegant styling. Such as this Performance Machine Vision Series Arrow XL Mirror ($59.46). It has a beautiful elegant style with impeccable finish. 

Doubletake Mirrors (for Dual Sport/ADV)

Do you need a mirror for your off-roading excursions that's damn near indestructible? If so, our absolute favorite ones are the Doubletake Mirrors (read our detailed review or watch Aram demo it from a trip). These bad boys are made from reinforced Zytel nylon resin, and we can tell you from experience that they are very durable (Aram tends to dump his bike a lot).

The height, length of mount, and angle of the mirror can be adjusted in about every direction you would need. And when riding in tough off-road situations, they can be swiveled down and locked in place, protecting them against any potential crashes. The visibility is great and the vibration is minimal, even on rough terrain.

Shop for Doubletake Mirrors and all other Dual Sport/ADV mirrors.

We hope we've helped you a little bit in choosing the perfect mirror for your bike! If you still have questions, feel free to ask below, call us, or hit us up on our Facebook page!

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*all photos courtesy of Rizoma, CRG, and Performance Machine
By Daniel Relich

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