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Q&A With Kyle Martin of M4 Exhaust

We've offered M4 exhausts on our website for years now and we felt it was time to dig a little deeper into who they are and what makes them tick. Last month, we did a quick overview of their exhaust systems. This month, we shot them an e-mail with a series of questions we thought would interest the riding community. The origins of their name is actually pretty cool! Read on:

Q. Please introduce yourself.
A. Kyle Martin, VP of M4 Performance Exhaust

Q. What does M4 do and where did the name M4 come from?
A. M4 manufactures performance exhaust systems for popular sport bikes.  Four Martin's started this company so M to the 4th power was fitting.  Also, my uncle Michael Martin was a great road racer in his day, his nickname was M2 for MM but then it became M4 for Miracle Man Michael Martin.  So M4 fit the company from a few different angles.

Q. How and when did M4 start? What's the origin of the idea?
A. M4 started in 1997.  My family owned Tube Forming Inc. which made all kinds of copper parts for air conditioning.  It became a big company and was sold, so with the knowledge of tube bending and the love of motorcycle roadracing M4 was created.

Q. How did M4 get into racing sponsorship and how does racing help with your R&D?
A. Racing was what got us started in the business. We built race pipes and want our pipes to out-perform others.  In order to showcase that, we needed to help great racers.

Q. Anything new on the horizon that we can look forward to?
A. We just finished building products for the new Yamaha R3, then on to the 2016 Suzuki GSX-S 1000.  Mid-2016 we are hoping to get a new GSX-R1000 that will help with our racing efforts and also sales.

Q. How does M4's R&D team do what they do? You guys always seem to have new pipes on the market super quick.
A. WE would actually like to get products on the market quicker but sometimes we take our time to make sure we create the best products possible for M4.  We build pipes to fit the bike using our knowledge of what we think will make power.  Then we go to the dyno and try numerous combinations of lengths and diameters until we find the sweet spot.  After that, we find a way to make that combination fit the bike correctly.

Q. Does M4 offer a warranty for their products?
A. 1 year limited warranty for defects in workmanship and materials.

Q. What's in your dream garage?
A. Wow tough question.  I have a decent garage now.  TTR125 (156cc) flat tracker, DRZ125 (170cc) flat tracker, 2016 KTM 350 SX-F, 2013 KTM 250 SX-F, Honda Grom, Yamaha Zuma 50 (80cc) and a golfcart!  Love my golf cart!

Q. Anything else to add?
A. M4 is a family business and we like to talk with our customers.  Any questions feel free to call us up 972-481-9300.

We've hope you've enjoyed this Q&A With Kyle Martin of M4 Exhaust -! There's more to come!

By Daniel Relich

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