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The Best Motorcycle Seats

best motorcycle seats

When you've got your bum glued to a seat for hours, you'd want it to be comfortable. If your bum's going numb or slip and sliding around too much, then you know your stock seat is probably not doing it. You'd be amazed at how much difference an aftermarket seat will make to your comfort. Just say no to monkey butt!!

Here are our favorite brands for aftermarket motorcycle seats.

Sargent Seats

Sargent (with a history spanning over 80 years) is renowned for their World Sport Performance Seats for all biking segments. Their products have become the go-to aftermarket motorcycle seats. Their mission is to provide high-quality, comfortable, lightweight, and attractive seats for all riders.

Each Sargent seat is made in the USA with a precision molded base pan. Sargent seats are come with a high-tech CarbonFX vinyl cover and Super Cell Atomic Foam for superior comfort and support. They are lightweight and each has a under-seat storage system.

Sargent World Sport Performance Seats:

Sargent's World Sport Performance Seats are made with precision technology and high-quality materials. Each seat is tailor made to be a specific fit for its designated bike model. The seats are made of an advanced Super Cell Atomic Foam that increases comfort, while avoiding the excess weight of gel. And they are covered with a marine-grade UV-stablized, mildew-resistant, damn near waterproof carbonFx vinyl.

The Sargent World Sport Performance seat is available in several configurations: Standard, which is designed to match the lines of your bike; Enduro, designed for dual-sport where you'll have to shift back and forth on the seat (it's also super comfortable for long-distance rides, whether on or off the road); and 2-UP, which is absolutely the best for long rides with a passenger.

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Founded in 1987, Saddlemen has become an industry leader in motorcycle seats and luggage, redefining the way riders transport their belonging on a bike. Their products are known for their comfort, quality, and stylish design. Saddlemen seats are made with an exclusive combination of saddle gel and formulated black magic foam with carefully shaped contours. All seats are designed to fit the driver and passenger comfortably in various riding conditions.

Saddlemen SaddleGel:

Saddlemen is known for their special Gel Core technology and is the industry leader in gel seats. Their SaddleGel seats are engineered to absorb and dampen engine & road vibrations that are usually transferred in foam seats. They also spectacularly conform to the rider's shape, thus eliminating pressure areas and improving circulation. This makes long term riding so much easier on your butt.

One of our best selling line is the Saddlemen Gel-Channel Sport Seat. This features a patent-pending gel channel technology that incorporates a split piece of SaddleGel and a channel in the base foam to better relieve pressure on the perineal area. In simpler words, the gel channel seat made long term sport-riding much easier on your crotch. 

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Mustang (for cruisers)

Mustang was founded in 1980 by Al Simmons, a motorcycle enthusiast with an engineering degree. He used that knowledge, his own riding experience, and also time to travel to every State to listen to what motorcycle riders want. Starting from just a tiny operation making a few dozen seats a day, Mustang is now a worldwide leader. Today, Mustang is known for the highest quality seats for metric cruisers, Victory, and Harley-Davidson. 

All Mustang seats are handcrafted in the USA by true craftsmen who manage to transform high-quality raw materials into beautiful, comfortable seats. Each seat is designed for both the rider's and passenger's comfort. Their mission is to produce comfortable seats at an affordable price for everyone.

Roland Sands (for cruisers)

Roland Sands Design (RSD) is relatively new, having just been founded in 2005. But already, they have proven to have become a worldwide influence. RSD is a motorcycle, product, and apparel company with roots in racing and custom bike building. Their fleet of custom motorcycles have been featured in over 500 magazine articles worldwide, with over 100 covers. They have a unique design style that has made them incredibly popular, and now their designs are available as aftermarket parts for any rider. 

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By Daniel Relich

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