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Knobby Knife Breathes New Life Into Your Knobbies!

I was surprised and excited to hear about Knobby Knife from a riding buddy in Johnson Valley on a recent trip. He showed me his tires and described a tool revolutionary in its simplicity. He described a heated blade that allowed him to reshape his knobbies back to nice square blocks. It hit me all at once: why had I not heard of this?! Everyone knows you get some of your best riding on a fresh tire, and who wouldn't want to have that feeling over and over without having to pay for new tires and go through the hassle of changing them out? We all like to pretend we're monster mechanics that can have an off-road tire off a dirtbike in no time but come on, I know I have better things to do, like, oh, I don't know... ride!

Knobby Knife was created to cut your worn and rounded knobs on your off-road and dual sport motorcycle tires back to nice square edges. It is effectively a soldering iron with a nice big handle and a blade on the end. I've seen people suffer with razor blades, trying to get a little extra bite out of their old tires, but Knobby Knife eliminates the grunt needed with a razor blade by cutting through rubber like butter. Riders claim to be able to go over an entire rear tire in ten minutes after some practice.

Knobby Knife caught my eye because it's something the every-day rider can use to save a few bucks and stretch some mileage out of their tires. If you pay for racing out of your own pocket, Knobby Knife is probably a good addition to your tool box as well.

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By Aram

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