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CRG Bar End Mirrors: The Best?

Even on high-end motorcycles, stock mirrors often lack the quality to match the rest of the bike. I've owned many sportbikes, and vintage and modern motorcycles, and I've swapped out the stock mirrors with aftermarket mirrors on almost every bike.

One particular aftermarket mirror -- the CRG bar end mirror -- has consistently delivered what I'm looking for in an aftermarket mirror:

- Dampen vibrations
- Sturdy, quality CNC construction
- Adjustability
- Crisp, clear visibility

Today, I'm going to cover a bit about CRG, their background and going into quick details about how
each of the top selling mirrors differ.

The CRG Brand

The CRG brand originates in Santa Cruz County, California. Founder and designer, Spencer Owyang, grew his roots in the winter Superbike Dunlop Tire testing sessions at Laguna Seca in the late '90s. The product line started with adjustable brake levers in racing applications and grew into a company known for high-quality aftermarket motorcycle parts with adjustable levers, RR Race Rearsets, SSR Rearsets and mirrors.

CRG (Constructors Racing Group) parts are designed and CNC-machined in the USA. Their target market is and will always be the American motorcycle rider, but their parts have gained worldwide recognition and are also sold in Europe, Asia and Australia.

There's a wide variety of mirror types, each with different strengths, weaknesses and features. Today, I'm going to showcase three top selling Bar End Mirrors, including the famed Arrow Mirrors...that have the highest sales numbers and most raving fans.

Installation Note: Each mirror can be installed by clamping on any exposed 7/8" bar end but many riders tend to go for customized bar ends that minimize invasive installation, such as Rhinomoto Bar Ends. They're a bit of a match-made-in-heaven, especially for the naked/streetfighter bikes. Alternatively, CRG also makes an internal bar end adapter for those with hollow handlebars to aid in easy installation.

CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror

The CRG Arrow BarEnd Mirror is  favorite among naked/streetfigher bikes as it accentuates the already mean stands. They also have some cool specs:

-  Adjustable multi-point mount system
-  Convex shape with aesthetic design
- Easy installation
-  Lightweight body is made up of tough billet aluminum, not plastic
- Sturdy design doesn't move at high speeds

CRG Hindsight 3" Hindsight LS (Lane Split) Mirror

The CRG Hindsight 3" LS Bar End Folding Mirror is the perfect answer for most sportbike riders looking to clean up the front end of their bike for a sleeker appearance and allows you to squeeze into tight places and in between cars with their folding action:

- Automatic folding mechanism; retracts when mirror comes in contact with an immovable object.
-  Rubber mounting minimizes glass vibrations
-  Easy installation and removal

CRG Blindsight 2" Bar End Mirror

The CRG Blindsight 2" Bar End Mirror is one of the sleekest bar-end mirrors on the market, making it a high-volume seller. Buyers are saying great things about their experience with this mirror:

- Perfect for bikes with a slim line and sleek design.
- Convex design enables cyclists to see behind them, not just over the shoulder.
 Optional adapter for mounting covers almost all aluminum and steel bars/clip-ons.

When I swapped my stock mirrors for CRG Mirrors, I became part of the CRG fan club for life. With a variety of adapters, options and replacement parts, I have had great results when adding these aftermarket motorcycle mirrors to a variety of my bikes.

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Love 'em? Have 'em? Hate 'em? Comment below!
By Daniel Relich

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