> > Update: $1000 Product Giveaway Winner!


Update: $1000 Product Giveaway Winner!

Last year we offered the chance to win $1000 in aftermarket motorcycle parts/accessories/gear, in honor of's 10th Anniversary. We had a great response, awarded the winner, and neglected to cash in on the publicity. Doh!

I would hate to have a digital archaeologist comb through the archives and assume that we were just blowing smoke, so better late than never, I'm posting the winner now.

CONGRATULATIONS to Ryan Beaini of Santa Monica, California! He used his winnings to buy himself a Two Brothers S1R Full Exhaust for his Yamaha FZ-09. Sweet bike. Sweet pipe, and he got it for free! Thanks also goes to Two Brothers for the support. started out of nothing by two guys that sucked it up and did what they had to do, as so many Americans have done before us. We manually entered product on the website night after night, part number by part number, fueled by Diet Coke and cigarettes, often sleeping in the office/warehouse space we had just rented. What we have now is huge website with a ton of motorcycle parts to choose from. Buying parts for your bike online has never been easier and we're proud to be part of the online revolution.

We had vision- a vision that consisted of a level of technology that had never before been seen in the motorcycle industry. There was no 'bike selector' before we arrived for God's sake! None of this was praised by anyone other than our customers, but why would we care?! Our customers were who allowed us to exist! We were marginalized and put down by our peers- even mocked at industry shows where we sat at tables with big OEM dealers that dominated the landscape of the market at the time. Little did they know that OUR business model, the lean, mean, disruptive and intensely customer-centric machine we built from scratch would put most of the bitter, irrelevant dinosaurs out of business in the following years.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the contest. We appreciate your patronage and support! Solo Moto has a lot of new and exciting incentives planned for all of our customers coming up in the near future, so stay tuned!
By Aram

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