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Giant Loop Mojavi Saddlebag, 2-Year Rider Review

The Giant Loop Mojavi Saddlebag is at the top of its class as far as light-weight off-road on-the-bike storage goes. The Mojavi Saddlebag is constructed of super tough trucker?s tarp Bombshell, which means you're toting around 22 ounce vinyl-coated polyester, reinforced with ballistic nylon! This is military-grade construction that can withstand even the clumsiest of riders, namely myself, haha. I dump my bike a lot, and in the full two years I've been testing the Mojavi Saddlebag, there hasn't been one aspect of that's let me down.

All of the beefy, water resistant YKK zippers work just as well as they did the day I bought the Mojavi Saddlebag. I use olive oil to cut the dust and keep them slick, but I have a lot of friends that prefer silicon because they don't want to be attacked by bears, haha. So far, no bear attacks. :) All of the military-spec buckles and compression straps are in great condition despite thousands of miles of dust seeping into every crack and crevasse of my bike. Dumping the bike in brush, rocks and ice has yet to be an issue for the Giant Loop Mojavi Saddlebag. For a guy that breaks nearly everything else on his bike, this is a dream come true!

I'm able to store just about everything I need for a day (outside of the water and snacks in my hydration pack) in the Giant Loop Mojavi Saddlebag. Every single tool I could ever need goes in the Mojavi Saddlebag. I typically pack 2 tubes, an electric pump, tire irons, para cord, WD-40, baby powder, valve core remover, wrenches, sockets, hexes, screwdrivers, extra fuel pump, headlamp, and I've even packed extra fuel in there!

Everything stores nice and tight against the body of the bike inside the Mojavi Saddlebag. There's never been any shifting around or annoying trail-side adjustment required. Once I pack up, I'm ready to go! The weight of the packed items is kept close to the bike and everything is easily accessible during a ride. The small center pack on top is perfect for even quicker access, or storing semi-breakable items that might be crushed on the sides. The top bag is removable if you find it to be unnecessary or prefer to use another tail bag.

I say this a lot, but the best type of gear is the gear you don't have to spend any time worrying about after the purchase. The Giant Loop Mojavi Saddlebag definitely fits the bill, and I couldn't be happier with what appears to be the most effective, durable and light-weight off-road saddlebags out there. I personally recommend them over and over at our store, and I continue to use them myself with confidence and appreciation for such an outstanding product. Thanks Giant Loop! The Mojavi Saddlebag was also developed with help from one of our former local riders, Javier Gonzalez, which doesn't hurt either. :)

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By Aram

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