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2015 YZF-R1M Project Bike Highlights

You may have seen on social media that we have a 2015 Yamaha R1M in the Solo Family now! More specifically, my father has purchased one to add to his ever-growing stable of motorcycles. The dude has a passion, what can I say? Naturally, the first step (before even taking delivery, of course) was to make a gigantic list of performance 2015 R1 parts and accessories that were to be installed. My emotional state surrounding the new 2015 R1 is comparable to that of when the 2006 R6 was released. I'm in awe of all the high end features and ground-breaking technology - or maybe its just Yamaha's excellent marketing. Either way, I bet this is an affliction many motorcycle riders share.

I'm a sport rider and Yamaha-fan-boy at heart, and the years following 2008 didn't leave us with any impressionable new Japanese models (with exception of a few from the Kawasaki camp). I'm highly anticipating the revival of sport bikes in the years to come, with the rest of Japan, Inc. following Yamaha's lead with tasty new models. I'd like to see an all-new R6 sometime soon, but it likely won't happen until after 2016.

Our first order of business was to make sure this new 2015 Yamaha R1 was protected from any minor incidents, drops and spills. For years now, we've carried R&G Racing parts & accessories and we've always admired the build quality, unique design and superior engineering behind their products and we've been wanting to install R&G goodies on a new motorcycle for a while now. To this end, we've procured a full set of case covers, "Aero" style frame sliders, swingarm spools, rear axle sliders and radiator/oil cooler guards from UK-based R&G. We tossed in an R&G Tail Tidy for good measure to clean up the tail end as well. I really love the way the bike looks with the R&G accents, especially the black case covers. You can find more details about the 2015 R1 R&G Accessories on our website.

Not only do a set of aftermarket rearsets (the piece where footpegs, heelguards and brake/shift pedals converge) add an undeniably cool and sexy look to the sport bike, they are actually quite functional when it comes to foot position and riding comfort. These rearsets additionally provide increased rigidity that translate into a more direct feel with the motorcycle. They are a must-have upgrade for track junkies and high performance riders alike and are well suited to many sport bike applications. We went with Lightech Track System Rearsets straight from Italy. Like most accessories from Italy, these ooze sex appeal. I love them. Track System rearsets have adjustable footpegs and shifter pedal tip, ball bearing smooth action shifting and braking, as well as an option for reverse (or GP) shift. They're fully loaded.

For the all-mighty-must-have-mod-of-all-mods, we went with the Yoshimura Alpha Signature 3/4 Exhaust for the 2015 R1 and optioned the carbon fiber muffler with carbon fiber end cap. Being a 3/4 system, this exhaust uses the original factory titanium headers for the R1M, helping keep costs low, but still delivering on the performance. The Yoshimura Exhaust removes the factory catalytic converter as well as the Yamaha EXUP system. This pipe is a strong contender for any new R1 owner seeking an aftermarket exhaust system. In addition, the Alpha muffler is an entirely new design from Yoshimura R&D and it demands attention when installed on the new 2015 Yamaha Superbike. There's a lot of first's here, ladies and gentlemen!

We made a short sound clip video of the Yoshimura exhaust during idle and with light revs:

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By Daniel Relich

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