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Brembo 19RCS Brake Master Cylinder

The Brembo 19RCS brake master cylinder is back in stock! Brembo has put together a very nice platform for street and track duty motorcycles. The 19RCS brake master cylinder comes with a folding lever, brake light switch (for brake light activation) and, best of all, an adjustable pivot distance allow a rider to select from 19x18(street, for instance) or 19x20 (track, or vice versa). This feature effectively puts 2 master cylinders into one unit.

For most modern sportbikes with an existing radial brake master cylinder the 19RCS brake will be direct bolt-on. I would suggest additional Tygon tubing as the length may need to be adjusted to suit your needs - and, hey, it looks trick! Brembo makes a stand-a-lone reservoir kit for those without a stock radial brake system.

Learn a little more about Brembo and their industry leading brake technology.

By Sir D

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