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The Early Years of Motocross Museum

I'll admit I'm a little young to appreciate the awesomeness I was beholding earlier this week so, after speaking with a few senior riders I felt inclined to post what I came across at The Early Years of Motocross Museum.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tom White, as it was his establishment, and he was a very gracious host. As many of you know, Tom started out as a dirt tracker, racing against some of the greats, but really started kicking ass once he got on a Harley (which I was lucky enough to capture in a completely separate room from the actual museum). Tom had some later experience at Saddleback Motocross Park here in Orange County. (See old video footage here.) The track is long gone, but the locals still ride 'Saddleback'!

I may as well complete the bio... Tom joined up with brother, Dan, to create White Brothers, a corporate giant in the motorcycle industry whose name is still recongized to this day. I'm always excited to be in the company of experience and knowledge, especially when motorcycles are involved. I told Tom I was dizzied by my attempt to absorb all of the vintage race machines I was viewing, and he assured me that that was nothing compared to riding them. I've only ridden a couple of the motorcycles on display, but I'm sure some of these shots will bring back some memories for some of you. Enjoy!

By Aram

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