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Convincing Your Significant Other To Let You Ride a Motorcycle

There's a rumble in the distance - the faint curl of smoke and exhaust, the stomp of tires against the pavement. You squint toward the horizon, watching as chrome-covered silhouettes rev steadily forward. Riders roll by, their leather jackets coated in dust and glory, sparing a moment to acknowledge you with the briefest of nods before vanishing around the corner.

It's a perfect moment - and it's one you want to capture for yourself. You want to be one of them. You want to seek out the open road and conquer every mile. You want... your girl to stop staring at you, baffled (and more than a little horrified) by your sudden love for engines.

A motorcycle, she swears, is out of the question.

You'll now have to prove that it's instead the answer.

(For the sake of being concise in this post, we'll assume that you're man with a concerned wife/girlfriend. But if you're a woman who wants to ride - then you go girl! The man in your life will either 1. think you're the most amazing badass girl ever, or 2. be even more worried for your safety. Or maybe even a mix of both. In any case, this article is for you too!)

Embrace the Art of Communication

Communication is the key to any relationship, and this will be the most useful tool when convincing your significant other to let you ride.

Hopefully, time has made you wise, offering you insights into what works and what doesn't. Even if you're met with negativity initially, don't resort to ultimatums, threats, or petty remarks. Approaching the subject of riding with a stern tone and a series of demands is probably not your best strategy.

Instead, create an open dialogue. Discuss why you want to invest in a bike, emphasize the advantages (such as fuel savings and flexible travel options), talk about concerns and solutions, and how it'll affect your finances. (Read more below.)

Remain calm, speak plainly, and never, ever interrupt.

Acknowledge Her Fears

With every mile on a motorcycle comes a sense of freedom, but also undeniable concerns.

Your girl fears these machines, citing endless crash and collision statistics. Don't ignore these statistics. They are true, after all. A recent report from the Insurance Information Institute notes that motorcyclists suffer approximately 92,000 injuries and 4,500 fatalities each year. You can't blame your significant other for being worried.

Address those worries. Acknowledge the risks of riding, and then create strategies to counter those risks. Invest in training courses, anti-lock braking systems, and protective gear (the most important being a helmet, gloves, and riding jacket). Stress the importance of safety to alleviate her fears.

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Create a Budget

Every month comes a series of expenses - mortgage payments, bills, student loans, retirement savings, etc. etc. These obligations siphon away your savings, leaving you with an empty wallet and a scowl. Affording a motorcycle, therefore, may seem frivolous to your loved one. How can you spare even a cent for a something considered a non-necessity?

The simple answer is to prove that you can. Before even broaching the subject of a bike, examine your finances. Do your homework and understand where your money goes each month. Find areas where you can cut spending. Do you have a daily Starbucks habit or go out for beers with the boys every Friday evening? You may have to sacrifice some smaller joys in order to get your bigger one.

Present these findings and show that you are responsible about staying within a budget. Show that you can come up with the savings necessary. Maybe you have even found that commuting with a bike will save you a ton of gas! Most importantly, show that a bike won't undermine your quality of life.

Choose the Right Bike

Bigger isn't always better, especially for beginners. While you dream of a 1,400cc roar, the reality is less kind, with injuries and fatalities rising drastically with every engine upgrade. Unfortunately, with massive performance comes equally massive safety concerns.

We've suggested numerous times before that beginners choose a smaller 300cc class bike. An inexperienced rider on a too-powerful platform is a danger to himself and others. Consider something with a little less kick and little more reliability, choosing frames that emphasize maneuverability and stability.

Show your loved one that you are level-headed by choosing a bike suitable for your riding level. This will promote safety on the road and foster confidence in her.

Don't worry about a smaller bike not being fun anymore. Plenty of manufactures make smaller bikes that are still a blast to ride (and they are much more budget friendly too... definitely another plus you can use to help your cause!).

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Invite her along for the ride

Or maybe her fears go beyond safety or finances. Maybe she is worried that having a new toy will take your time away from her. Instead of spending what little free time you have together as a couple, you'll be dedicating yourself to the highways and backroads.

Luckily, this concern is the easiest to fix.

Invite her to share the ride with you (gear her with the proper protection!). If she's reluctant to hop unto the back of your bike, start off small by just going up and down a safe, low-traffic street. The thrill of riding is addictive, and soon, she'll be ready for more and longer distances.

Sharing this excitement will create unforgettable memories that strengthen your relationship (and enhance your fun). On a bike, you can travel to new destinations and have the kind of adventures that just won't be the same in a car. The open road experience should never be a singular one. Welcome her company instead.


If you want to ride and your significant other is let's just say... less than enthusiastic, don't worry, not all hope is lost. Most of their negativity comes out of fear for you and your safety. It just comes down to alleviating those fears. Show her that you've done your research and that you are going into this in a sensible way.

Have a calm discussion, acknowledge every concern, create a new budget, stress the need for safety, and invite her to share the experience. Involve her in every step of the process. Let her see that isn't just another whim (and admit that you've had more than a few of those). Show her that this is the chance to do something new and explore - together.

The potential huge dollar investment in buying parts and accessories is probably a whole other conversation....

Do you have any more tips? How did you convince your partner to let you ride? Share them below! 
By Daniel Relich

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