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The Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

We've stressed more than once that a helmet is the single most important piece of protective gear you can have. Please do NOT skimp on a high-quality helmet. This is your head we're talking about! And over 40% of motorcycle fatalities are due to head injury. 

A helmet protects you by absorbing most of the impact during a crash. For this reason, it's really important to get one that's properly certified. You should NEVER wear a helmet without the one of the following safety ratings:

- DOT (U.S.): this is the MINIMUM standard for helmets approved for riding on the street. This is a federally mandated cert that's enforced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
- SNELL (U.S.): this is a voluntary private 3rd-party tester. The tests and standards are more rigorous than DOT (as this was originally borne out of racing). 
- ECE (Europe): This certification is the European version of DOT, but it's actually the most widely used in the world, and is used by all racing organizations. This one has the highest standards.

Helmets with these ratings mean that they've gone through the necessary tests (such as the ability to withstand sharp blows, being dropped from different heights) and have passed. If you want to go the cheap route and buy a random helmet with no certification, you may as well be wearing a bucket on your head. If you don't have the money for a quality helmet, then you shouldn't even be thinking about riding! 

Full Face Helmets

That said, let's go over our favorites. Today, we're covering our favorite full face helmets (learn about the different helmet styles and uses here). 

For riding on the street, we always recommend you go with a full face helmet. Yes, they are more of a hassle to get on and off, but they offer the most protection (they're also the most aerodynamic, which will make riding a lot more comfortable for you too). Because full face helmets are just one integrated piece, there are no weak spots that would be impacted in a crash.

(You may also find some modular helmets in our selection. They're more convenient as you can flip the bottom portion up to drink, snack, etc., but because they're made of 2 separate parts held together by a hinge, they won't hold up as well in a crash.)


Shoei is no doubt one of the most well-known brands for motorcycle helmets. The company was founded in 1959 as a safety helmet manufacturer in Tokyo. Their helmets are known for safety, comfort, and unique designs. Over the years, they have produced many helmets that have helped win world championships.

All Shoei helmets come with a five year limited warranty were they repair or replace the helmet if there are any of defects in materials or workmanship. They also offer a free impact and safety inspection service for any of their helmet collections.

Shoei RF-1200 Solid Helmet White ($437.39)

Shoei helmets have quite the hefty price tag, but you get what you pay for, right? The all new RF-1200 was developed in 2013 to introduce a helmet that is lighter and more streamlined, with improved functionality. The RF-1200 is the result of 55 years of knowledge, engineering, and stringent testing. And Shoei Road Team member Marc Marquez won MotoGP World Championship that same year.

The shell is made of AIM+, which is lighter yet stronger, and comes in 4 sizes so you can find your perfect fit. The RF-1200 comes with a whole laundry list of special features, including emergency cheek pads release system and a 5-stage rotating dial for fine-tuning of the base plate.  Helmet is both DOT and SNELL approved. 


A label built by riders for riders, Icon is a premium lifestyle brand for all freestyle and street riders. Started in 2002 as an experiment, the brand quickly developed a cult following. They're known for their creative protective gear, many of which feature hip urban and tactical designs and graphics. Icon has a strong presence in the sportbike scene and supports stunt and freestyle riders Emie Vigil and Nick 'Alex' Brocha.

Icon has a full product line for both men and women, emphasizing on high quality at an affordable price. We love Icon for their attractive helmets at even more attractive prices. You don't have to spend a fortune on a helmet that meet the required safety certifications. You can find an Icon helmet for as low as $150, with plenty in the $200 range too.

Icon Alliance Dark Helmet ($150)

This is our favorite budget pick. Icon's Alliance Dark Helmet earns its name from its badass black matte paint job (so you can roll around like some kind of rebel Batman). This time around, the Icon team created a less expensive option that still contains all the comfort and performance their brand is known to deliver.

The Dark Alliance is rigorously tested to meet varying helmet standards from around the world, and is designed to prevent any heat buildups or fogging of the shield. The shell is made of injected molded polycarbonate and the interior is completely removable so that it can be washed. Helmet meets both DOT and ECE safety standards.

Shop for Icon Motorcycle Helmets and Gear.

HJC Helmets

HJC has a long success history, being founded in South Korean in 1972. It is now the #1 helmet brand in North America since 1992 and is also the fastest growing helmet brand in Europe. Their helmet are known for their dynamic technical capabilities and special features that make aerodynamics, ventilation, vibration & noise reduction some of the best on the market.

HJC's mission is to make the most comfortable and innovative helmets, while keeping prices affordable. Helmets prices are on par with the $150 low end, and even the top of the line helmets from HJC will run you just in the mid $400's.

HJC RPHA ST ($359.99)

The RPHA ST is one of HJC's most successful helmets. It was named as the test winner in Motorrad Magazine's helmet test, even coming out in front of more prestigious models. It was ranked as the highest in performance and quality. It features a lightweight fiberglass composite shell, a max air flow top vent, a moisture wicking anti-bacterial interior, and an integrated anti-scratch SunShield. Helmet is DOT certified.


AGV is another company with history, having been established 70 years ago in Italy in 1947! The brand has gone through some revamps throughout its long lifetime, but has always remained top-notch. Many world champions have won wearing AGV helmets, including Valentino Rossi, Giacomo Agostini, and Kenny Roberts.

Except for find the full range of helmets from AGV, with numerous special release graphic helmets. The helmets are at great price points ranging from as low as $150 to a whopping $1,400 for super-luxe GP helmets developed in collaboration with championship riders.

AGV K3 Dreamtime Multicolor ($219.95)

The AVG K3 is one of their bestselling helmets and is a great one for those new to the AVG brand. Those riders who are more attracted to flash and pizzazz will be drawn to this intrinsically designed helmet, especially youngsters and racers. K3 helmets are derived from top of the range GP-Tech helmets. They are made with a thermoplastic shell, a chin wind protector, and a ventilation system of front, side, and back extractors. Helmet is DOT certified.

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Who hasn't heard of Arai by now? This is a small family company owned by three generations of motorcycle riders. Arai is especially known for comfort and fit advancements with different interior shapes, so riders with all different heads shapes can be protected and comfortable. 

Every Arai helmet is 100% handmade and goes through three separate quality control departments. Arai is so confident in the quality of their products that they were the first motorcycle helmet company to offer a full 5-year limited warranty, 15 years ago. Be expected to pay a bit more for an Arai quality helmet; their helmets ranges from mid $400 to almost $900.

Arai Vector 2 ($450-$477)

The Arai Vector 2 is at the lowest end of their range and is a solid no-frills helmet. Arai is not for shallow wallets, by any means, but they make high quality products through-and-through. Arai is all about customizing comfort for each person's unique needs, so this helmet has 5mm peel away cheek pads and temple pads, so you can find your perfect fit. It also has a unique patented chin vent design that directs air in to cool your face and prevent fogging. Helmet is DOT and SNELL certified.

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Last note: Having an expensive high-quality helmet won't do much good if it's doesn't fit you properly. All those tests that prove that the helmet can protect you in a crash is only valid if it fits you correctly. So before you order a helmet, please read our guide: How to Properly Fit a Motorcycle Helmet.

Shop our full face graphic motorcycle riding helmets. Or if they're too loud for you, you may prefer the full face solid motorcycle helmets instead!

By Daniel Relich

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