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Airoh Aviator 2.1 Off-Road Helmet: Unboxing, Accessories & Fitment

Once again, I have injuries to recover from this year before I can enjoy riding. My collar bone, rib and lung all seem to be coming along well enough so I've had more than enough time to drool over new dirt gear for when the snow melts. One item I'm especially excited to see here in the US is the Airoh Aviator 2.1 Off-Road Helmet. I've seen them all over the pro moto scene in Europe, in epic helmet cam footage on YouTube, and on very select pro riders here in the US. Any time I can be one of the first dudes in my area to get my dirty mitts on a piece of gear like this, I'm stoked!

Airoh Aviator 2.1 unboxing
Lot's of extras!
The unboxing did not disappoint. There was a lot of extra stuff in that box that I've never seen included with a motorcycle helmet!

Aviator-2.1-specific GoPro mount for the top of the helmet. This mount was actually made specifically for Airoh by GoPro for this helmet. The mount adorns the Airoh brand name on the side and sits perfectly on top of the helmet behind the top visor adjuster. How else would you make all your friends jealous on Facebook? I'm talking about the Airoh helmet- not your riding. :)
Sometimes the little things add up to be a lot. I appreciate the forethought that is evident in Airoh product development, especially considering that the helmet sells for over $500 (at the time of this post). Contact Solo Moto to get your Airoh Aviator 2.1 Helmet today. 

Tinted bolt-on visor peak extension for wet or muddy conditions (screws included). This is such a simple addition as far as manufacturing demand is concerned, and yet riders who are looking to be as competitive as possible during their motos (without taping goggle lenses to their visors) will look like pros as they battle to the front of the pack through rain and mud. See more on the visor peak extention here.
    Airoh Aviator 2.1 top vent covers
    Top vent shields for mud/weather
Tinted top vent covers (screws included). The vents on top of the shell appear a lot larger than they actually are, and yet it's probably best to keep any open holes on the top of your head covered if you'll be riding in inclement weather. Three screws secure the top vent shields to the helmet, and they are easily replaced by screws that attach the vent covers. It is important to note that they don't seal up the vents. They create a covered channel over the exit vent holes with open ventilation slots along the top that flow air through an open rear exhaust.
Hex/Allen tool on Airoh lanyard
I never even knew what a lanyard was in years past, and yet here I am, getting a quality production publicity-event-access-pass-carrying-name-tag-necklace-thing for no apparent reason with my helmet, haha. Perhaps Airoh assumes that you will be at a number of high-profile events that will require ID, and as such, you should be adorned in quality Airoh attire.

Custom Airoh allen tool with a very nice Airoh lanyard. Once again, it appears that Airoh has thought of everything before releasing the Aviator 2.1 helmet. No need to begrudgingly hunt for an Allen (hex) tool in your tool box with a drenched head- you'll already have one ready to go since it was gifted to you at the time of purchase. I don't ever remember having the need for a lanyard before getting into the moto industry, but alas, Airoh has included one for you to do what you will. Chilly suggests using a lanyard like this to keep your dual sport key clipped into the bike so it doesn't fly off into the bush during a ride. Good advice!

Silk Airoh helmet bag. It is what it is. Silky smooth, but nothing to write home about as far as actually protecting the helmet. So, if any of you dorks are actually still reading this (I hope so!), you'll be on the ground floor with what it's like to open the box, haha. Alright, let's get down to business!

Literally 2.1lbs!!!
What about the helmet itself? The Airoh Aviator 2.1 Off-Road Helmet is light, light, light. I have a little coconut so when I put my Medium Aviator 2.1 on the scale I suddenly realized why the awkward name made sense... my helmet weighs exactly 2.1lbs! Damn, that's light! I've never personally worn anything lighter that was DOT and ECE certified, so immediately, I was pretty excited. Not to worry- the next shell size, L/XL is only 2.5lbs!

How does it fit? My first impression after putting on the helmet was that it was more snug than other Mediums I have worn. I'm always a Medium with my 57cm head, so I was actually a little worried that it was too small at first. I left the helmet on for 5-10 minutes and everything started to settle in. I didn't get a headache or experience any discomfort so I decided to go for a ride. As soon as I gained speed I was shocked with how advanced the aerodynamics were on this dirt helmet. Little did I know at the time, but Airow had actually wind-tunnel tested this helmet! Who does that with a dirt helmet?! It remains relatively quiet at speeds exceeding 40-50mph. More importantly, the visor allows air to travel through it instead of catching the wind like a sail. This helmet has a lot of potential for dual sport use at this point for me! Anytime I'm on my plated dirt bike I wear a DOT dirt helmet anyway. This is a welcome benefit that I did not expect.

The Airoh Aviator 2.1 helmet feels very form-fitting. The area between the shell, EPS liner, and your head seems to have magically shrunk compared with other helmets. This creates an immediate adjustment for the average user to become comfortable with, what appears at first to be, a little tiny helmet. The wonderment begins when you realize that the helmet actually fits! No hot spots. No restrictive blood flow. It just fits so snug, and some might say 'perfectly', that you actually need to adjust to an entirely new level of head protection. This is part of the reason I've taken the time to write this post.

I've seen other online stores say outright that you should buy a size larger because 'the Airoh Aviator 2.1 runs small', but this wasn't the case for me. My head measures 57cm which is right in the Medium range for the Aviator 2.1, and I fit just fine in the size Medium. Given my measurements, Airoh's size chart, and the actual fitment of the Aviator 2.1, I would venture to guess that if you are at the higher end of the size range, you may want to consider a size up. This is about as subjective as it gets since each person has a uniquely shaped head.

Please note, I'm not trying on the helmet once in an office and giving advice to riders. I can't say I have a lot of respect for internet personalities that do this. That being said, you may need to take some time, as I did, to acclimate to a helmet that could very well be more advanced than anything you have ever worn. I've had the helmet on and off for several rides in the past couple weeks and it has changed my expectations of what an off-road helmet can be.

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More to come on the Aviator2.1 soon, as well as the Leatt 3DF Airfit Body Protector. I'm super pumped on these two items for the summer riding season. Big Bear here I come!
By Aram

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