> > Highs and Lows in Death Valley, DV DAZE 2013


Highs and Lows in Death Valley, DV DAZE 2013

We had an epic day of riding through the beautiful California desert into Nevada via Death Valley. The Mesquite Dunes were very entertaining, to say the least. It had been raining for days and the sun came out nice and bright the day of the ride. Perfect weather. Perfect dirt and sand. Rider cameos by Notmybikemodelname, Razr, Traveltoad, Scorpion and others (feel free to comment). The video ends with me (Aram) eating dirt in one of the worst crashes I've been in to date: loss of consciousness, broken clavicle, torn ligaments requiring surgery, it's been a major bummer for a guy that's been riding consistently every week for months now, but I'm sure I'll come back slower and with more excuses than ever before!

By Sir D

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