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How Does a Speedohealer Work?

While scrolling through forums and browsing for new motorcycle parts, newer riders might come across mention of a device called a SpeedoHealer - made by the company Healtech Electronics.

Savvy riders might already have an inkling of what we're talking about - allow a speedometer or odometer to display more accurate and complete information, convert KPH to MPH, etc. - but how does it work and why do I need it?

I decided to do some digging to reveal a few of this device's inner mysteries and why they're so important. Here's what I found:

How a SpeedoHealer Functions

Believe it or not, a factory bike speedometer can be somewhat inaccurate (in some cases, reading high up to 10 percent). Bikes that have been geared down to improve acceleration might show an even greater error. A Healtech SpeedoHealer is a calibrator that hooks up to a bike and, when properly programmed, will correct for this slight error, enabling a more realistic display of speed.

Why is this important? If the speedometer on a bike is off, then the odometer will rack up more miles than what you've actually put on the bike, which could, potentially, put it in the upper mileage range more quickly and harm resale value. With a SpeedoHealer, this reading stays precise and won't exceed the true mileage of the bike.

In addition, using a SpeedoHealer will help keep readings accurate even after performing changes on a bike. It helps with optimizing performance and allows riders to stay confident that they're operating within the correct speed limit while cruising down the open road. Changing the gear ratio of your motorcycle's sprockets will throw off your speedometer reading - which sucks - and is the #1 reason riders buy this device!

Installing A SpeedoHealer

SpeedoHealers have a plug-and-play design, so installing one is a fairly simple process that most riders can accomplish in under twenty minutes. After plugging the SpeedoHealer into the speed sensor, it's just a matter of following the instructions included with the device to calculate speedometer error and calibrate the unit to compensate.

Generally speaking, riders will use a GPS to get a true reading of their speed, which they will compare to their bike's (incorrectly) indicated speed. Using a correction chart provided with the SpeedoHealer, they can then enter the appropriate programming values and experience more accurate readouts from their speedometer.

Finding A SpeedoHealer

As with many aftermarket motorcycle parts, there are, for lack of a better term, knock-offs on the market that aren't quite up to par. The best method for getting the highest quality SpeedoHealer is consulting a trusted online motorcycle parts store. There, riders can ensure they're getting an authentic product that will do the job as intended.

Healtech also makes a wide array of awesome motorcycle electronic accessories like gear indicators and quickshifters that make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable!

By Daniel Relich

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