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Tech Spec C3 Tank Grip/Traction Pads at

The NEW C3 is a new synthetic rubber tank grip pad that is .125? thick, but is molded with a low profile diamond grip pattern, similar to Tech Spec's famous Snake Skin style, to help increase the coefficient of friction. C3 Grip Pads offer the ultimate in comfort while still providing the excellent grip that TechSpec is known for. This new material is much lighter than the traditional Snake Skin material and is much softer. Due to its unique properties it helps to reduce vibrations and thus increases overall comfort! C3 Grip Pads also uses TechSpec?s releasable and reusable adhesive.

Tank grip pads are great for the performance rider and novice alike! You can use your legs/knees to grip the tank while relieving some of the strain on your arms - especially under hard braking. Your connection to the motorcycle is definitely heightened as well.

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By Sir D

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