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Moto-D Pro Series Dual Temp Tire Warmer Review

I purchased the Pro Series Dual Temperature Tire Warmers from Moto-D brand new a little under 1 year ago now, and WOW! They are working out as well as I could have ever imagined. Coming from a top of the line brand (ChickenHawk), I was a bit skeptical to be trying out a new manufacturer's product with no real track record yet. They come with a super cool carrying case to keep them in, and have 3 settings on the warmer; Off, low, and high with the use of a rocker switch. I typically use high for getting the tires up to operating temperature, and low for keeping the tires from heat cycling in between sessions or for rain tires.

Moto-D's claim to fame, in my opinion, would definitely be their unique Carbon Coil Wire technology. I have noticed a noticeably faster heat up time over the traditional wire element that was used in my old ChickenHawk's. In addition, the carbon coil wires are supposed to last for much longer and are more resistant to tears, breaks, and ?dead? spots. The exterior is made from a durable Carbon Fiber looking Poly-Nomex material, looks pretty awesome when the sun catches it just right!

Moto-d's product support is also top notch, they will replace the warmers, free of charge, within 2 years if they ever stop working - even if it's your fault because you leave them plugged in accidentally! 

.. And, Yes, we REALLY use them :)
By Sir D

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