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Rizoma Grips Are Beautiful

"Dude, you bought a $50 set of motorcycle grips? Really?"

If you've never heard of Rizoma before, you'll need to first know that they design, engineer and produce amazing motorcycle accessories with unique CNC processes and finishes you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. It's about attention to detail and striking aesthetics when it comes to Rizoma. After all, they're Italian. With their involvement in superbike and MotoGP racing, they have some serious R&D under their belt too. Rizoma motorcycle parts and accessories look as good as they perform but you'll have to pay to play.

The first Rizoma part I was ever exposed to was a set of Rizoma Sportline Grips. They were the first widely popular Rizoma part to hit the US shores from their Italy HQ some 10 years ago. At the time, I was rockin' my R6 and the thought of a $50 grip was totally foreign to me since the good old rubber kind worked just fine for me at around $8. I was all about going fast and charging hard - performance all the way. What was I going to do with a CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Grip?

That said, Rizoma Grips aren't exactly targeted to performance based supersport riders looking to drag knee at the track but rather a specific sub set of motorcycle enthusiasts that blend motorcycle culture into a more relaxed riding and social experience. Let me be clear: one isn't better than the other. It's just different worlds.

But, worry not, Rizoma parts are just as happy on Japanese or European sportbikes or, better yet, streetfighters and naked bikes. Give me a set of grips in black, some CRG Arrow Bar End Mirrors on a modern FZ-09/07/10 or Monster and I'd be stoked. Let's toss in a set of Rizoma mirrors for good measure too!

So... there's a somewhat wide-ish range of Rizoma Grips available on the market but today we're going to focus on the most popular ones. Rizoma grips are CNC-machined, have near universal mounting options for 7/8"/22mm bars and are generally available in more than one color option.

Rizoma Universal SportLine Billet Aluminum Grips GR205 (~$50)

Rizoma Universal Lux Billet Aluminum Grips GR213 (~$110)

Rizoma Urlo 22mm Universal Billet Aluminum Grips GR221 (~$85)

They are pricey but, seriously, just look at them. They're beautiful enough to cause lustful inspiration! It's pure moto love. We recommend purchasing Rizoma items in the USA through a reputable online retailer.

Continue reading about CRG bar end mirror options - they pair really well with aftermarket grips and Pazzo Levers.

So which is your favorite? Let us hear it!
By Daniel Relich

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