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Stop Right There... with Galfer Brake Lines

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: braking isn't at the top of the upgrades list for most riders, but it should be! Proper braking technique shouldn't involve a lot of drama, but rather, confidence and precision, even in an emergency. Squeezing the brake lever doesn't offer a magic solution to bring the motorcycle to a stop, but instead, begins the process of transferring fluid through brake lines that then apply the pressure to the calipers, pads, and lastly rotors. Galfer brake lines are critical to escaping a critical situation and performing in competitive environments.

Founded by Maffio Milesi in Barcelona, Spain in 1946, Galfer Brakes started out as a brake pad supplier for the European auto and motorcycle industries. Before Giorgio Milesi, one of Milesi's sons moved to Santa Barbara in 1992. The Galfer brand was not known in the US at that time. The company has come a long way since then. Galfer now boasts a 12,000 square-foot warehouse in California and services North and South America, as well as Australia and the Far East. Today, Galfer is renowned as a quality brake component manufacturer in the USA.

The addition of steel-braided brake lines on any motorcycle offers a drastic improvement to braking performance without (ahem) breaking the bank. Many motorcycles are equipped with rubber brake lines from factory, which tend to expand as brake fluid is pushed through the lines. This creates more volume within the brake lines rather than transferring that hydraulic pressure to braking. Another benefit for off-road, dual-sport, and adventure riders is that steel braided brake lines offer more abrasion resistance than rubber lines, thereby better protecting your braking system when traveling off-road.

Galfer has tens-of-thousands of model-specific brake product applications, but they offer custom lines as well. This customization extends to a wide variety of color options for all standard and custom applications. You need a custom-length rear brake line for your extended swingarm on your fully custom sportbike build? No problem. Solo Moto offers any configuration of banjo angles and colors, lengths, and line colors that Galfer has to offer.

Galfer Brake Lines

- Made in the USA
- Lifetime warranty
- Available for ABS and integrated brake systems
- Uses virgin PFTE
- Utilize 64 lines of steel braiding
- Available in 11 colors

Galfer's relationship with OEM Manufacturers and top race teams gives them the advantage of handling the latest bikes firsthand, even before the public. This enables them to ensure the perfect fitment of their replacement brake pads, rotors and lines. They have always been the first to bring their latest applications to bike enthusiasts. Galfer's brake products are truly state-of-the-art considering the research that goes into the development of new brake pad compounds and their patented Wave® rotor technology.

Galfer Standard Brake Line Kits

- High-quality machined banjo fittings and bolts
- 11 colors of PVC coated brake hoses
- Tailored to specific bikes for perfect finish and fitment
- Pre-positioned banjo fittings to enable an out of-the-box fit
- Brake lines are labeled to help in understanding which end goes where
- Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects

More Offerings from Galfer

- Superlight Brake Line Kits: banjo fittings and bolts made of aluminum which weight less and are easily color-customized.
- Superbike Series Brake Line Kit: direct thread-into-the-caliper brake lines. Powerful and aggressive response, well suited for track racing.
- GP Series Brake Lines: compact mounting with one line coming from the master cylinder and splitting into two at the lower triple clamp.
- K7 Universal Brake Line Kits: brake line of pre-determined length with two female ends leading to endless possibilities for fittings.

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