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Doubletake Mirrors: The Best Dual Sport Mirrors Out There!

Doubletake Mirrors are hands down my favorite dual sport mirrors out there. Who cares what I think? Well, Dirt Rider and Dirt Bike Magazine agree! Doubletake Mirrors are functional and tough. Those are really my biggest requirements for any type of off-road or dual sport equipment. I beat the crap out of all my gear and I need equipment that can take the abuse. Just ask the guys I ride with.

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Doubletake Mirrors utilize a well-known manufacturer to keep the dual sport mirrors right where you need them. RAM Mount hardware compliments the well-constructed mirror by allowing you to adjust the height and angle of the mirrors in just about any direction. The most significant benefit of pairing the RAM Mount hardware (included with the Doubletake Mirror) is that you can swivel the mirror all the way down in front of your handlebars (behind your number plate/headlight) and lock them in place to protect them when riding in rough conditions off-road. The mounts come in different lengths and are offered with threaded options that will fit the stock mirror mounts on most dual sport motorcycles. If you have an unusual motorcycle or custom application there are universal mounting options for Doubletake Mirrors as well.

I have had the Doubletake Mirror up for very rough sections of terrain off-road and it stays put. If I'm on and off of roads or highways that connect trails I don't have to worry about adjusting the Doubletake Mirror. It's easier to actually leave them up and enjoy the ride. When things get hairy on hill climbs or situations where I need to be over the bars a lot, the Doubletake Mirrors can be folded down towards the middle of the handlebars and tucked out of the way.

Visibility on the road is about as good as it gets for an aftermarket dual sport motorcycle mirror. I have a small bore dual sport bike that revs like crazy on the highway, and yet the Doubletake Mirrors remain relatively stable when compared with softer plastic-mounted fold-in mirrors or tiny pop-out mirrors that hide behind your handguards. The Doubletake Mirrors are what work best for me, and I can recommend them based on my personal experience. Check them out, and you'll probably like them too.

These bad boys are made with a purposes in mind. They're designed to take abuse and keep going. You won't find any brightly colored metal, Italian-stallion, Rizoma style mirror action here.
By Aram

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