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New 2016 Yamaha Streetbikes We Love

Apologies, we at Solo Moto are a little late to the unveiling of 2016 bike models. But hey, better late than never, right?

We're always had a soft spot for Yamaha bikes (the Solomoto bike is a R6!), so we were super excited to see what Yamaha has in store for us this year in their line up. Most are carry overs from 2015 (2015 was a big year!), but have plenty of new features to make us excited. Here are our favorites that we're drooling over!


We will never get to ride MotoGP bikes, but now we can get close to making that dream come true with the new YZF-R1! It's developed without compromising MotoGP technology to create a superbike for both sport riders and racers. This is a huge leap for Yamaha and this new R1 is designed to chisel away the lead the Ducati and BMW have pulled on Japan, Inc. in recent years. This bike - this R1 - is Yamaha's answer.

The YZF-RIM features a lightweight and compact crossplane crankshaft, inline-four-cylinder, and 998cc high output engine. It has titanium fracture split connecting rods (a first ever for a production motorcycle!), which delivers extremely high horsepower and a strong pulse of linear torque. This thing just pulls and pulls on the straights. Another first ever offered on a street bike is the six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that offers complete 3D controllability over traction, slides, front wheel lift, braking and launches. Electronic packages have helped superbikes be a friendlier and quicker ride by putting all that power to good.

The new R1 is sexy as well, with the body design inspired by their winning MotoGP M1 - a masterpiece sculpted for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. Some Yamaha fans won't love it as it is quite a step away from the normal Yamaha Motor aesthetics but it's definitely growing on us!

The new bike has an MSRP Price of $16,490 - $16,990. These new generation superbikes are sophisticated and complex machines but they aren't the hard hitting-all engine- $12,000 machines of the past.
The R1M is a special version of the R1 with premium features and even higher factory specifications. This is the closest you can get to riding the winning M1 (or so they say). Premium features include Ohlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS), lightweight carbon fiber bodywork, and a new Communication Control Unit with GPS that enables the rider to capture ride data and then download it via WiFi. Other differences between the RIM  and R1 include wider 200 series rear tire, carbon fiber front fender and fairing, and polished & clear coasted aluminum fuel tank and swingarm.

Using all of Yamaha's finest racing technology, this is the most technologically advanced machine you can get! At a US MSRP Price of $21,990, it's a splurge, but if you're going to be frequenting the race track, this is the bike we'd want.

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On the other end is the new for 2016 R1S, which is basically a stripped down R1. This bike is promoted as a street bike, but the awesome thing about is that it has much of the same racing technology as the R1 and R1M!

The main difference between the R1 and R1S is in the materials used - steel connecting rods (as opposed to the R1's titanium), stainless steel exhaust headers (vs. titanium), and slightly heavier aluminum engine covers and wheels (vs. magnesium). The weight is 448 pounds as opposed to R1's 439. 

Technology wise, it features most of the fancy electronics of the R1, just minus the quick shift system. Power delivery is very comparable. And priced significantly lower at US MRSP of $14,990, this is a solid choice for more street-orientated riders. 


The all new R3 is the best of both worlds for riders who commute on weekdays and enjoy sport riding on weekends! The R3 is Yamaha's answer to the wildly popular Ninja 300 and the newly released CBR300. This segment provides a stable and fun starter platform for new riders that may want to start out on something smaller than a 600-1000cc bike. Although non-liter bike segments have been mocked for a while now, there's now a whole slew of options for the rider not looking to get a 180mph street missile.

The R3 features a fuel-injected 321cc twin-cylinder engine that is capable of delivering a maximum power of 10,750 rpm. The 180 degree crank design ensures that the machine is smooth when accelerating through the rpm range. Forged aluminum pistons (like the R1 and R6) provide excellent strength while remaining super light weight, while the offset cylinders reduce friction for more power. Don't let its size fool you, this is still a fun bike to ride!

The styling is Yamaha supersport inspired with a full fairing in an ultra-light chassis, and newly designed steel frame and swingarm. The riding position is lower with a flat seat design, so it's great for new riders as it's easy to get both feet firmly on the ground.

The R3 is a super value at MSRP price of $4,990. This is a machine built for everyone - from beginners to more experienced riders, from commuters to racetrack enthusiasts.


The new Yamaha FZ-09 is our favorite in the street category!  The development concept behind the FZ-09 is "synchronized performance", which in a nutshell means that it's been designed to allow the rider complete control in every riding situation. The big deal surrounding the FZ-09 when it was released, is that Yamaha re-invented the wheel a bit because this is a torquey 3-cylinder engine by a company known primarily for its high revving inline 4 cylinder engines.

Even though the FZ-09's target ride is for the street, this is a true performance machine, delivering huge torque in a slim lightweight body. It features a compact new chassis and a lightweight liquid-cooled 4 stroke, 850cc high-torque 3-cylinder engine. The engine combines advanced high tech components with a crossplane concept crankshaft, providing linear torque development for smooth handling. It has excellent response in the low- to mid-rpm range and is a blast to ride!

Other key features include an advanced ride-by-wire Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) system that senses the slightest throttle input by the rider and instantaneously calculates the ideal throttle valve opening to control the intake airflow volume. Yamaha's D-MODE ("Drive Mode") variable throttle control system is another great feature that allows the rider to select the optimum engine character by being able to choose from three throttle valve control maps for all different riding situations.

Aesthetics wise, we love its naked roadster style. The aluminum, tapered-type handlebars is a first for a Yamaha sportbike, providing strength in a stylish lightweight design. At a US MSRP Price of $8,190, it is incredibly attractive as a comfortable daily rider option for new and experienced riders alike. Hey, even my dad bought one!

Which of these are you most excited about?

*all images courtesy of Yamaha
By Daniel Relich

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