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How To: Preparing to Ride Motorcycles In The Rain

Riding your motorcycle in the rain may not be avoidable for many people. However, staying prepared with the below tips can ensure you have a more safe and pleasant ride through the rain. If there is a chance you may be riding through bad weather, you should always be prepared with the right gear. Check out our webstore to find the appropriate gear to help you stay prepared for wet weather.

Beware of slippery surfaces
The simplest way to prevent your motorcycle from sliding is to keep an eye out for painted lines, manhole covers, and steel plates on the roadway.

When braking in wet conditions, apply the brakes with ease to prevent locking your wheels up.

When preparing to accelerate, beware of the surface you are currently on. Accelerating quickly on a wet surface can be disastrous.

Clear visor
Make sure your helmet visor is treated with antifog and your windscreen is properly cleaned before riding in the rain

Check your tires for wear and make sure they are properly inflated to ensure you have enough traction prior to riding in less than ideal conditions.

Rain puddles
Going too fast over a puddle can cause your bike to Hydroplane. Make sure you are aware of any puddles you may ride through.

Slow down
Good handling in the rain starts with an appropriate speed prior to corner entry. Watching your speed is one of the most important ways to improve your safety when riding in the rain.

Wear weather proof gear ? Rainsuit
In order to keep focus on the road, ensuring you are comfortable enough to ride through inclement weather is crucial. Consider a waterproof rain suit for the times you may ride through the rain.

Water proof boots
Your feet play a vital role in operating your motorcycle?s gearbox and rear brake. Make sure your feet are protected from the weather to reduce distraction and discomfort in the wet weather.

Water proof gloves
Keeping your hands dry and warm is important for having your hands prepared to react quickly. Weather proof gloves can help reduce rider distraction and improve comfort for your hands.
By Daniel Relich

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