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Seat Concepts Seat Kits Can Save You Money

Of all the components on a motorcycle, the seat is the one that has the greatest influence on the comfort level of the rider. Some seats are a better fit for smaller riders; others are better for larger builds. The materials they are made from will influence the feel of the seat while riding. Every ride is different so trying to conform your stock seat to your specific... shape... is not going to be the best route.

Of course, every motorcycle comes with a seat pre-installed, but through the magic of aftermarket motorcycle parts, it's a (relatively) simple matter for any rider to swap in something new. There are a few details to consider before rushing off to the online motorcycle parts store and snatching up whatever's available.

We love Seat Concepts seats because they're made in the USA and come with a wide variety of options for mostly off-road/mx and ADV motorcycles although their list of road bike fitments is growing. There's 2 key types of products available from Seat Concepts that'll help you get precisely what you need without having to spend more money than you have to.

Motorcycle Seat Components: The Basics

The first thing to keep in mind are the three basic parts that make up almost all seats -- the base/pan, the foam and the cover. The base is where it all begins, the place where the seat attaches to the motorcycle itself. Plastic bases save on costs, but for something sturdy, fiberglass and steel are the superior options but weight and cost generally prohibit their use.

The foam is the most important factor in a seat's comfort level. Higher-quality and higher density foams provide a greater level of rider support. This is where the magic happens for most aftermarket seats as foams (or sometimes gels) are developed with specific rider intent in mind and can come with increases or decreases in height for areas of the seat in order to fix issues, increase control or adjust for specific riders (like tall seats and low seats).

The cover is the piece that envelopes the entire seat. Stock seats are typically constructed from mid-grade vinyl, which has a tendency to warp and bulge over time and they're pretty vanilla in the way they look. Though leather is a choice option for some, higher-grade vinyl will provide greater durability and can be treated and adapted with various gripper patterns, etc.

Seat Concepts Complete Seat Changes vs. Seat Kits

The complete seat change is one option that's very popular from Seat Concepts. The installation process is easier, as the adjustment is made by removing all seat components then sliding new ones into place (no stock modifications necessary). A simple swap. Though useful for distance and touring riders, or for those not inclined to modify their stock seat, this option is best but more expensive we're not re-using any components.

Thankfully, riders aren't obligated to swap out the whole seat. Many off-road/dual-sport/enduro riders find that their current base is suitable, but they want less aggravating foam padding or an altered look to suit their riding terrain/style. In these cases, less expensive Seat concepts seat kits are the preferred option, as a new foam and cover can be molded to fit the stock base/pan (perhaps with some minor alterations). A "build-a-seat", if you will. This option allows for a lower initial cost but requires modifying your stock seat.

Seat Concepts is hugely popular for their seat kits. Although other manufacturers offer covers or seat components separately from a complete seat, we feel Seat Concepts delivers the widest array of options and fitments at very good price points.

No matter the course you choose, browsing online motorcycle part stores to get an idea of the variety and prices of different seat options is an important next step, as online outlets provide a more comprehensive view of the brand choices than a trip to any one shop would allow.

Seat kits can actually save you a bit of money as they don't include the full seat. Continue reading more about Seat Concepts Seat Kits.

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By Daniel Relich

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