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GoPro Motorsport HD Hero 960 5MP Camera

The Go Pro HD Hero 960 is the new cost effective solution to the pricier 1080 Hero HD Wide Camera. By cutting a few high end features and additional accessory/mount items, Go Pro was able to bring the 960's retail price to $179 which is $120 less than the 1080. The 960 is only capable of 720P widescreen (16:9) and 960p (4:3) at 30fps (frames per second). For the majority of consumers this will be enough video horsepower and the savings will justify the lack of full 1080p widescreen video.

The 960 also includes a helmet mount:
We love the Go Pro line of cameras and are currently using the original Go Pro for our on-track footage. I see an upgrade in the future to an HD model!
By Sir D

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