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Rizoma Turn Signals

Rizoma tends to sit atop the aftermarket accessories pyramid with their ridiculously beautiful and expertly machined motorcycle accessories. Generally associated with Italian and European manufacturers such as BMW or Ducati, due to the high price entry point, Rizoma aims to provide the best of Italian designed luxury bits for your motorcycles...if you can afford it. With their huge arsenal of accessories too big for one post, today we'll cover turn signals.

Rizoma turn signals or marker lights are the pinnacle of design and technology with the following features:
- CNC Machined from Billet Aluminum
- Superbright LED Technology
- Sophisticated Design

When you purchase Rizoma turn signals, consider it an investment piece. They're made to last and made to the highest quality standards for those that appreciate it. We're not trying to sound stuck up or anything, but do consider Rizoma's audience isn't likely the guy rockin' the late 90's Gixxer to bike night.Yeah, we said it (sorry!).

With plenty of turn signal options to choose from, whether you're into sportbikes, adventure or touring, you'll likely find what you're looking for. The top selling signal, for us anyways, is the Rizoma Action Turn Signal. With its sleek lines and unique design, the Action is great for most applications. Maybe that's why its a bestseller! As with most Rizoma turn signals, the Action comes in more than one color option. In this case, you can opt for Black or Silver.

Rizoma Action LED Turn Signal

One of the newer releases in the Squardo Bar End Turn Signal that looks like it will be a hit with the cafe racer / retro crowd. I can totally appreciate the minimalist design. Available in Black or Silver.

Rizoma Squardo Bar End LED Turn Signal

Don't forget Rizoma fairing adapters (or bar adapters) to properly fit the turn signals onto your motorcycle! If there's any questions, feel free to reach out to us and we'll help you out!
By Daniel Relich

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