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Why You Need a Second Motorcycle

One of the questions we hear often is: "What's the best motorcycle to have?"

As you can imagine, this is a really difficult question to answer. First of all, it depends on what you want to use it for. And secondly, you may have multiple interests or your interest may change over time.

For example: I started out mostly riding on the street and over time discovered that track riding is what I'm most passionate about, which is most of what I do now. And after borrowing a buddy's touring bike for a couple of long trips, I'm really considering my own too. My sportbike is neither feasible nor able to hold up to multi-day trips that may involve off-road riding.

So for us, the only solution to the age-old question is to own many, many motorcycles. (Yeah right, we wish.)

But seriously, there are many reasons to own multiple motorcycles. We hear you though... motorcycles aren't cheap and you've got responsibilities that won't disappear just because you love the feeling of your hair flowing on the interstate.

We've laid out a few cons and pros (yes we set that order intentionally!) for you to weigh yourself.


First of all, cost is huge factor. Riding is an expensive hobby, after all. Things can really start to add up:

Bike: Obviously, new bike = more $
Insurance: Yes, you need insurance for each of your bike. And some certain types of bikes (such as supersport and dirt bikes) carry higher insurance rates. 
- Gear: You will need multiple sets of gear for multiple uses/conditions. This includes everything from protective gear (helmets, jackets, boots, etc.) to bike accessories (luggage, windshields, etc.). Your gear you use for dirt riding won't cut it on the street or track, and vice versa.

Price aside, the most difficult part of buying a new bike is settling on type. Depending on personality and preference, there are too many reasons for riding to pinpoint the ?perfect? machine for anyone.


Let's face it - having one motorcycle is cool, but two motorcycles is more awesome x2.

With two motorcycles of differing styles, you have the freedom to switch-up the kind of riding you want to do, like with an on-road/off-road combo. If you only have a street bike, you can't discover the joy of riding through roads-less-traveled and jumping dirt piles. And if you only have a dirt bike, you'll never know the thrill of racing down a track at 180mph.

With a second bike, an entirely new segment of riding will be opened up to you.

There's no such thing that you must choose a riding niche (just like no such thing that you must decide if you're a Coke or Pepsi person). We're motorcycle aficionados and if it can be done on two wheels, we want to do it all!

Popular Motorcycle Combinations

Street Motorcycle + Track Motorcycle: This could be either a standard street bike or a cruiser, paired with a sport bike that's all decked out for track use. We highly recommend that riders get the track experience at some point because it's a great environment to improve your skills without other vehicles, road obstacles, or fear of going too fast. The good news with this kind of pairing is that a lot of the gear (helmet, jacket) could be the same.

Sport Motorcycle + Touring Motorcycle: This is a great pairing if you enjoy short joyrides around town on a light, nimble speed machine and long multi-day rides on a sturdy, plush beast. You would have to buy specialized touring gear such as luggage and camping supplies. 

Sport Motorcycle + Off-road/Dual-Sport Motorcycle: A road and off-road combo is a classic for those who want the fun of riding on the street and on dirt trails or through the woods. You would need very different gear for each of these bikes as they have specific gear requirements. For example: the helmet for street riding will not fly when riding in the dirt, and neither will the leather jacket. 

So, Which Style is For You?

Now you've weighed the pros and cons, let's briefly go over the differences between each body style. Below, we give brief descriptions for each so you can see what interests you. 

Cruiser: A true classic. Make no mistake, these aren't the most technical--or efficient--motorcycles but they ooze classic American style.

Naked: With fairings + windshield removed, great gas mileage, and increased ease of handling, these slimmed beauties are great as just a normal street bike for commuting to work or the occasional joyride.

Sport: As their name says, these require lots of patience, training, and experience to handle properly. But, there's nothing cooler or more stylish once you've gotten the hang of them.

Supersport: This is the sport bike's big brother. Faster, stronger, and more powerful, these beasts will fulfill every motorcycle--fever dream--fantasy you've had.

Touring: With so much size, they're not the sexiest, but touring motorcycles will take you anywhere in the world with comfort and plenty of room for a passenger, luggage, and everything else.

Sport-Touring: Sport touring bikes offer speed while keeping everything comfortable, spacious, and secure for those long treks across the country.

Dual Sport: Dual sport motorcycles could be considered the "best of both worlds." By design they offer the flexibility and versatility to navigate traffic on the highway, and still rip up dirt trails.

Off-Road: More commonly known as dirt bikes, these babies are exactly what their name says. If you don't need pavement or asphalt, this is just the machine for you.

Adventure (ADV): Adventure motorcycles offer crossover benefits from off-road, sport, and touring bikes. Keep in mind the extra weight and size won't be easy to handle on those wooded trails.

Supermoto: Supermoto motorcycles are primarily for racing different types of tracks: road, dirt, etc. Buy one knowing it will tackle any surface you're ready to conquer.


One bike limits you to a certain kind of riding (unless you have a dual-sport/adventure, which is more versatile). But with a second bike, you can discover a whole new segment of riding, and with it, a whole new passion. There are many disciplines of riding and many reasons for riding, whether it's to find a more fuel-efficient commute for work, or to go on an epic cross country trip, or to feel the thrill of speeding down a track. Why not try everything?

Most importantly, we hope 'fun' makes your list of reasons for a new purchase!

Do you have more than one bike? What bikes combo do you have?
By Daniel Relich

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