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The Best Motorcycle Exhaust

Like any other motorcycle enthusiast out there, we're pretty obsessed with exhausts. We've already written several articles  on exhausts and we're constantly giving new recommendations as they come to our attention.

So it's about time that we put together a guide of our favorite exhaust brands across the different types of bikes (with plenty of rec's of our favorites!).

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Exhausts for Sport Bikes 


M4 is our top selling exhaust brand for sport bikes. They're renowned in the sportbike industry for their high-quality exhausts that deliver real performance. Their exhausts are developed through a long racing experience and extensive research and fine tuning.

M4 offers various GP, high-mount, race and street slayer styles in both full systems and slip-ons. Many systems eliminate that undesirable stock "exhaust box", which makes way for more power and a deeper sound. M4's exhausts are designed for closed-course competition only. M4 offers one-year warranty on their products for any defects in materials or workmanship.

Our best selling M4 exhaust is:

- GP Slip-on: Get MotoGP performance and sound without breaking the bank with M4's popular slip-on.  Each exhaust is beautifully designed to flow with the lines of the individual bike. Available in either black of titanium.

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Yoshimura was founded in Japan in 1954 and since then has been consistently in the forefront of the aftermarket exhaust industry. Yoshimura has been associated with Factory Honda Racing and GEICO Honda Racing for quite some time, so their products are tested in the harshest environments. Yoshimura exhausts are designed to the highest standards of craftsmanship, quality, and aesthetics.

Our favorite Yoshimura exhaust is:

- R-77 Slip-On: The Yoshimura R-77 slip-on is derived from racing. It features a trapezoid shaped muffler, which allows for maximized internal volume and in turn, delivers top performance. Available in stainless steel or carbon fiber.
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Akrapovic is high renowned for their impeccably designed high performing exhausts and that unmistakable deeply resonant "Akrapovic sound". Akrapovic exhausts has become the go-to for top racing competitions (such as MotoGP, Supercross, and Crosscountry Rally), leading over 80 world champions to their wins.

The exhaust systems are crafted with high-quality engineering teams and advanced processes. The exhausts are formed with a hydroform process (where the shapes are formed with pressurized water), resulting in pieces that are structurally strong, yet lightweight.

Some of our favorite Akrapovic exhausts are:

- Racing Line Full Exhaust: composed of stainless steel headers and mid-pipes coupled with titanium on its outer sleeve. The Racing Line offers a nice midpoint between value and top tier performance. (The premier Evolution line is identical, except it has titanium headers and mid-pipes)

- Megaphone Slip-On Exhaust: designed for race-oriented riders looking for a more affordable price point, this GP-styled slip-on is constructed entirely with titanium and is super lightweight.

Shop our Akrapovic Motorcycle Exhausts store, or read for a more detailed guide to Akrapovic's street bike exhausts.

Two Brothers

Two Brothers was founded in America in 1985 with a mission to produce high quality aftermarket parts that delivers on the track. They grew into a factory-backed AMA Superbike team and by 1993, their success on the track catapulted them into giants in the aftermarket exhaust industry. Having the reputation of building the highest quality products, their exhausts are manufactured by patented processes and exclusive materials.

All Two Brothers exhausts systems have a limited 90 day warranty against defects in workmanship and/or materials with any kind of repair and replacement.

Some of our favorite Two Brothers exhausts are:

S1R Series: This is Two Brothers' state-of-the-art race series, featuring aerospace high-temp carbon fiber, teflon coated magnesium end-cap, stamped spring-mounted inlet, and aluminum CNC machined outlet.

M2 Black: This is our best seller of all Two Brothers exhausts, featuring military grade carbon fiber, black teflon coated magnesium end-cap, black aluminum CNC machined inlet & outlet, and black hardware accents. Fit this on your black for a cool blacked-out look.
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Exhausts for Off-Road Bikes


Pro-Circuit was founded in 1978 by desert racing pro and motor tuning specialist, Mitch Payton. Initial customers were Huksy riders who wanted to same set-up as Mitch's personal racing bike. He soon branched out to include custom exhausts for other brands, and since then, over 50 riders have ridden for Pro-Circuit race teams, winning 29 AMA Championships. 

Pro-Circuit provides two-stroke and four-stroke exhaust solutions for major off-road bike brands. Their exhausts are crafted for optimal performance as well as style. Pro-Circuit offers a limited 90 day product warranty from material and workmanship defects.

Some of our favorite Pro-Circuit Exhausts are:
- Pro-Circuit Platinum Pipe (2-stroke): This is one of the most popular exhausts for 2-stroke dirt bikes. The platinum plating protects it from the rough wear and tear of off-road riding. It's of a stamped AKDQ high quality carbon steel construction with hand-welded and pounded seams.

- T-4 GP Full Exhaust (4-stroke): This is a tunable version of the full-race Ti-4R exhaust. You can remove the spark arrestor screen for closed course racing, and fasten the screen back on for off-road riding. The RC-4 Resonance Chamber are added to the head pipes to reduce noise.

FMF Racing 

FMF Racing was founded in 1973 by Don Emler, and since the first day, all exhausts are built by hand from start to finish in the U.S. Back when it started, single shock and water-cooled engines were the newest engineering feats. Now, we've got the aluminum chassis and electronic fuel injection. FMF has always been at the forefront of engineering and uses advanced machinery and high-quality materials for their exhausts.

FMF Racing offers a one year warranty again manufacturing defects, limited to the repair or replacement of the defective item.

Some of our favorite FMF exhausts are:

- Q4 Slip-On Exhaust: FMF is the leader in high performance quiet technology. It was designed with advanced engineering to locate baffles and chambers to absorb sound, without sacrificing power. It's one of the most quiet exhaust systems available, with a max sound output of 96dB.

- FMF Powercore 4 Slip-On: The Powercore 4 is a race-inspired exhaust at a bargain pricing. It features a durable stainless steel and aluminum construction, with a Hi-Flo end cap to boost performance. There's a removable spark arrestor and optional 96dB quiet insert.

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Exhausts for Cruisers

Vance & Hines

Vance & Hines, an American manufacturer founded in 1979, is well known in the aftermarket exhaust market for their products for big twin cruisers. Created by drag racers, their exhausts have helped many other racers win championships over the past three decides. The founders are constantly pushing the boundaries of design, engineering, and technology to create better products.

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Since being founded in the early 80's, Cobra has become one of the leading aftermarket cruiser products manufacturer. They offer a full line of performance parts and accessories and are one of the few companies that work with each of the major OEM motorcycle manufacturers. Their high quality exhausts include popular favorites such as the Speedsters and the new PowerPro 2-into-1.

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Dating back to 1969, Bassani has been recognized as a leader in specialized exhaust component for over 40 years. They have a reputation for offering cutting edge technology to both professional racers and casual street riders alike. Bassani has truly mastered the trade. Their exhausts are often tested to have more horsepower and torque than the competition.

Bassani's exhausts are available in stainless steel with a lifetime warranty.

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For more info, read our guide to the best exhausts for Harleys (which applies to cruisers in general from other brands as well).

As always, remember to search your favorite online motorcycle parts store to compare the wide selection of available aftermarket exhausts. Do you have a favorite aftermarket motorcycle exhaust? If so, let us know!

By Daniel Relich

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