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Sunstar 520RTG1 Racing Chain

The Sunstar 520RTG1 Works Triple Guard Sealed Racing Chain is a top level racing chain designed for high performance street/racing 600cc and 1000cc applications. It's direct competitor is likely the DID ERV3 Chain.

Sunstar's exclusive TG-ring (TripleGuard) is employed where the ring seals with three lips per side for the ultimate in heat prevention and keeping the chain lubricated even in extremely harsh conditions.

The 520RTG1 is extremely strong with a tensile strength rating of 9,270 lbs, yet also in a lightweight design - weighing just over 4 lbs per 100 links. The chains come in Gold and a rivet connecting link it is highly recommended.

The Sunstar RTG1 chain is also available in a 530 variation (530RTG1) and provides about 9,900lbs of tensile strength.

Sunstar has a long heritage of road racing and sprocket development but has had some absence in top level sportbike racing in the recent decades which could lend a slow market uptake to their racing chain. I've been assured the quality is among the best and with Sunstar's OE collaboration it's not hard to convince me.

We recommend the RK chain tool for installation.
By Sir D

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