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Gear Indicators: Necessity or Luxury?

HealTech GI Pro Gear Indicators

The evolution of motorcycles, and in particular, sportbikes, over the years has been absolutely tremendous. Riding these days has become far more technical, much more enjoyable and has certainly become more than just a mode of transportation. The range of accessories available to make riding safer has also increased and one such popular accessory device is the digital gear indicator. More specifically, we're going to talk about the line-up of Healtech Gear Indicators.

Whether you're new to riding or you're a seasoned pro, it's no secret that there's more to riding a motorcycle than pointing it in one direction and opening the throttle. Thinking about your body's positioning, proper braking techniques and observing traffic and road conditions all fall squarely into a good rider's repertoire of skills. On top of that, trying to remember the gear you're in at all times, begins to complicate an already complicated situation. After installing a gear indicator, it'll be one less thing you'll have to keep tracking of while riding.

Once installed, a digital gear indicator is a small device that tells you which gear is currently engaged (or what gear you're in). There is usually a lot of trial or guesswork involved in the absence of an indicator and although most seasoned riders may not need it or find it unnecessary, a gear indicator is considered very useful nonetheless. The presence of a gear indicator reduces the instances of over-revving the engine during multiple down shifts which can result in your back wheel getting locked up. It is also helpful in finding neutral easier.

HealTech Electronics, Hungary, though best known for their speedometer calibration device, the SpeedoHealer, also makes gear indicators. Healtech's GI Pro, the leading gear indicator on the market, has three different product ranges to offer. The products in the different ranges have distinct features suitable for all types of motorcycle riding.

Healtech gear indicators offer:
- A rapid gear change display
- Bright and clear indications
- Choice of display colours
- A neat and small design
- Easy installation procedure
- A 2-year replacement warranty
The GI Pro with ATRE series comes with an advanced timing retard eliminator function which improves acceleration and makes the throttle response smoother. Though the number one choice with riders, the products of this range support only limited models.

The GI Pro DS series is an unique Gear Position Indicator and is specially designed for the bikes which have a Diagnostic System connector and so is compatible with a greater number of motorcycle models. The indicator is more reliable and has a faster response time since it receives the gear position information from the ECU. A fully automatic unit, it has no programming wires or buttons. The unit is smaller and more compact than the GI Pro with ATRE, since it doesn't have the ATRE add-on.

The indicators of the GI Pro X-Type series are compatible with all the motorcycles as opposed to the previous two series which work only with selected models. For bikes without a gear position sensor or a diagnostics port, the indicators on the X-Type are the best device for an accurate gear reading. It provides a more reliable display and a quicker readout.

Based on the model of motorcycle you own, one of the indicators is bound to be compatible. Once installed, it will free you from the constant worry about what gear you're in and it'll make your ride more enjoyable.

What do you think? Are gear indicators a luxury that a rider should go without, in order to learn the ropes, or is it a safety essential? Comment below!

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