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Lowdown on Rearsets & Why We Love Sato Racing

Let's talk about aftermarket motorcycle rearsets today! They're not just there to spruce up the look of your sportbike (though that is a definite bonus). We'll go over the benefits of installing an aftermarket set and introduce you to our favorite: Sato Racing Rearsets.

Rearsets and their benefits:

In the simplest terms, rearsets are just replacement foot pegs. Many riders see it as the required bling for their bike, replacing the boring, standard cast aluminum stock ones with sleek machined-from-billet pieces of moto-artwork.

But apart from just looking good, they actually have quite a few benefits for your riding experience. Most importantly, rearsets allow you to customize the perfect foot position, which creates a more stable base and makes for a much more comfortable ride.

The mounting plates usually have many positions for bolting the foot pegs. By being able to raise, lower or move the foot pegs backward and forward, you can find the perfect position for your leg length and riding style. This makes your whole riding experience much more comfortable and safer. Rearsets are also a necessary upgrade for track day junkies, performance riders and racers as the foot pegs can be higher-mounted, which provide a greater ground clearance and will allow the bike to lean more.

Sato Racing Rearsets

There are many brands that carry rearsets, but our personal pick is Sato Racing. 

Sato rearsets are well-known brand in the racing circuit for their good looks and functionality. Founded in 2001, Sato Racing has earned its place in the motorcycle industry for their wide range of beautifully designed and excellent quality racing products. Their parts are designed and manufactured at their state-of-the-art production facility in Osaka, Japan and keep to the Japanese spirit of design.

Sato's rearsets have been developed after intensive tests on the roads and also in World GP and more than 15 seasons of All Japan Road Race. As a result, their rear sets are truly top-of-the-line for the track as the design and development are based on feedback provided by experienced racers.

Here are just some of the features that make them such a favorite:

- Precision made, CAD/CAM/CAE designed and CNC machined
- Shift and brake levers have double miniature stainless ball bearings for precise and smooth movements without wobble
- Knurled foot pegs have enhanced non-slip characteristics, providing optimal grip even in wet conditions 
- Anodized finish to prevent scratches and oxidizing
- Multiple adjustable positions to help you find the perfect one for your size and riding style
- A GP-style reverse shifting pattern is also available in many of the rearsets models
- Choose between silver, black, and gold for most models

Sato rearsets come in a lightweight package but deliver tons of high performance features and are durable enough to withstand the conditions on the racetrack. However, please note that the lightweight design is not intended to endure the stress of wheelies and other stunts, so let's just...not.

Sato Race Concept Rearsets

Sato has a new exciting line of  Race Concept rearsets that have been designed especially for the track! These have a wider range of positions which will let the racers position their feet even higher (which equals more lean!). Sato warns that the rearsets in this series are strictly for racing bikes due to the very high position and the lack of brake light switch or ABS compatibility. 

So, are rearsets worth it?

Rearsets are certainly a more costly upgrade, but we feel they are absolutely worthwhile as they do make your ride more comfortable and for performance riders & races, give the benefit of a higher ground clearance. And of course, they also look damn cool on your bike in silver, black or gold!

You can order Sato Rearsets here:
By Sir D

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