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Rekluse Core EXP Install & Review [Video]

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I love my bikes. I'm not ashamed to say it. Each one has its charms and its woes. To increase the degree to which I experience pleasure riding each of these motorcycles, I add aftermarket parts that accentuate their intended uses. One such part for my Husqvarna TE310R is the renowned Rekluse Core EXP Auto-Clutch. As far as the Core EXP goes, we only sell the 3.0 now, so don't worry about ordering the wrong one.

I have literally been looked down upon by riders with Rekluse clutches on the trail above me as I burned my clutch and spun my back tire struggling to keep forward momentum going up a gnarly single track trail. Obviously, I'm a little late to the party as far as auto-clutches go. As off-road trails become tighter, rockier, steeper and more difficult, keeping the bike from stalling becomes a critical issue. Enter the Rekluse Core EXP Auto-Clutch. The purpose of an auto-clutch is to eliminate the use of the clutch lever by having the pressure plate in the clutch actuate the clutch automatically using centrifugal force. The beauty of the EXP and Core EXP is that you can still use the clutch lever whenever you like! It is absolutely the best of both worlds. Rekluse motorcycle clutches can be found on pro riders' bikes in just about every discipline these days, and for good reason!

Rekluse provides excellent paper instructions in the box with all of their kits. We have also added detailed installation and informational videos to our website provided by Rekluse HERE. I found the videos to be very helpful during the install since my eyes often dart through written directions haphazardly. I am a novice mechanic at best so, I was a little worried about tackling this project. Nonetheless, I forged ahead taking pictures and video to document my folly. See the following video for my installation of the clutch, some riding footage and my review of the Core EXP:

Rekluse Core EXP Auto Clutch Review

The Rekluse Core EXP simply eliminates the necessity to use the clutch lever in almost every situation. If we need to feather the clutch lever for very aggressive shifting, either up or down, we're able to use the clutch in the exact same way we would normally. The feel is identical. The investment in the Core EXP really pays off when we get into tight, gnarly rock climbs that we would normally stall out on. We're able keep the bike in a higher gear without stalling and simply blip the throttle to raise the front tire over abrupt ledges or obstacles. This upgrade on the bike is classified as cheating to a lot of people, and that's fine by me. Most riders will find that this clutch upgrade substitutes convenience for skill and provides a huge advantage for the average rider to make a leap to the head of the class in advanced clutch technique.

Navigating the bike out of precarious situations typically causes people anxiety. The Rekluse Core EXP not only improves a rider's chances of conquering terrain in the first place, but it also aids the rider in exiting situations that are a little over their head. I was able to turn the bike around in very tight quarters by planting a foot on the ground, blipping the throttle, and pulling the bars around the side of my body my foot was planted on. This may be a simple proposition for a more skilled rider, but I was amazed with how easily this inseam-challenged rider was able to pull it off. Variations on the same technique while standing next to the bike also proved useful to get going in the opposite direction without shimmying back and forth a million times.

For the guys and gals riding motocross, the benefits will be apparent as well. You're going to want to stay in a higher gear coming into corners and let the reliable slip of the Core EXP pull you through. Starts are easier as well since you will likely begin in second gear while holding the rear brake and simply launch the bike with a handful of throttle. Grab the clutch lever to slam into third on your way out and your starts are faster the first day you install the Core EXP.

So, what's the difference between the z-Start Pro and the EXP series? The two clutches function very much the same but use different technology. The EXP series (standard EXP and Core EXP) use a giant friction disk that holds wedges instead of a steel ball assembly like z-Start? Pro. The z-Start Pro has a varying lever feel that can feel very light or disconnected until you give the motor some RPM, then it comes back to stock feel. The EXP series will be much closer to stock with some differences still existing between the EXP and Core EXP. The Core EXP is the closest you can get to stock clutch lever action with an auto-clutch. Shop our website for the best price on Rekluse clutch products.

In summary, the z-Start Pro uses ball bearings while the EXP products use the "EXP", which is a giant friction disc that Rekluse invented. The EXP auto clutch is great but, if you want to closest thing to stock clutch feel AND all the benefits of an automatic clutch, the Core EXP is the way to go. I certainly love it, and I see why everyone I ride with uses them as well.

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think!

By Aram

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