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Scotts Stabilizers, Don't Stress The Unforeseen

Motorcycle riding is epic-ly exciting and some even consider it therapy! However, you can still do without some of the thrills and chills that come along the way in the form of a rock or rut mid-corner or even a pothole in the middle of the road. That's no fun, but it's still an unfortunate part of riding a motorcycle and the best thing to do is to prepare yourself. As my father always says, "prepare for the worst, hope for the best." A stabilizer can positively affect the front end controls on every kind of surface and help keep your bike under controls in some unforeseen situations. Scotts stabilizers are hydraulic shock-absorbing dampers, that are fully adjustable and compact enough to fit on the steering head. It helps control the "head shake" or "tank slap" phenomenon that plagues all off-road motorcycles and even road bikes. We've all been there when the throttle is let go abruptly or the front tire comes in contact with something and things get a little dicey.

Scotts stabilizers manage to eliminate the "thrust-effect" which happens when you hit something unforeseen as well. Getting a scotts stabilizer installed will reduce the effort required to maintain the stability of the front end of the bike in rough or unforeseen terrain. The stabilizer makes your ride smoother by preventing handlebar wrenching jolts and reducing head shake. Operating on the same rough principle as the front forks or shock, the scotts steering damper absorbs any unwanted energy generated by unseen and unexpected impacts. We've used the Scotts product for years on our personal motorcycles and, in case you were wondering, it is possible to move the damper from bike to bike as long as the mounts (which we do sell separately) are already install. Be sure that the road and off-road dampers remain separate as they function a bit differently and the applications shouldn't be mixed.

For off-road, MX and dual-sport, its usefulness is highlighted when you are riding in the desert and taking on fire-roads, rocky sections, high speed sand washes and even in the woods amidst sharp edged rocks and tree roots. Through big rollers, sweeping turns or stutter bumps, your bike will track straighter and with the assurance of a secured landing even on tabletops or big doubles. If you look closely at the picture above, you can see the golden orb on the steering head of our Team Solo Husky TE310.

For street bikes and hard-charging track bikes, the stabilizer ensures increased stability during high speed directional changes (like at the infamous straight-away at Autoclub Speedway), trail braking, hard braking and when the front end is floated during hard acceleration. The extra energy released when the front end tries try to whip straight is absorbed by the stabilizer, allowing you to keep pushing for those extra milliseconds without losing your cool. We do actually use the stabilizer on our Team Solo Yamaha R6's when we hit the track.

So what's installation like? The Scott Steering Stabilizer has been designed as a "bolt-on" accessory for most of the well known motorcycle manufacturers. It also comes in a "weld-on" version when necessary for certain model applications, although rare. The installation is generally as easy as changing a spark plug and can be mounted in minutes with the help of an included instruction manual. Though the unit needs no extra attention, if mounted properly, you can always have the Scott's service team run it through their ten-point inspection program. We tend to service our dampers about once per year to keep it in tip-top shape.

As the official stabilizer for Husaberg America, KTM America, Kawasaki Team Green, Honda Off Road Racing Team and Yamaha Factory racers, the Scotts steering stabilizers have more championship victories, national titles and positive reviews than any other stabilizer on the market. It is without a doubt the best you can get. But what does this all translate to in the real world and why do you need one? Well, simply but, a more controlled machine gives the rider more confidence and, in turn, the ride is safer and more enjoyable. Riding fatigue will be lessened since you won't be fighting the bike so much. Another perk is that you'll likely run a bit faster without consciously realizing it -- and that's the feature we love most.

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By Daniel Relich

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