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Shorai LFX Lithium Batteries

Let's face it, batteries are probably the last thing on your mind when looking to add additional performance to your motorcycle. For just about always, motorcycles have been using a heavy lead-acid battery which has a low cost and a wide manufacturing base so it was easily adopted as the go to technology. However, over the last few years, lithium battery technology has emerged as a worthy competitor in this segment where maintenance, volume, temperature sensitivity and relative low weight outweighs the cost factor (lithium batteries tend to be a bit more expensive than their lead acid competitors). A brand at the forefront of this emerging tech is Sunnyvale, California based Shorai. They started in 2010 and are most well known for their OE-specific fitment that are easy to install because they're the same size as your outgoing stock battery.

The key differences between a traditional lead-acid and Shorai batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries) are quite substantial.

- A lot less weight to be lugging around (up to 80% lighter)
- Discharges less quickly will sitting unused
- Improved starting performance
- Longer life-cycle so the batteries last longer
- Less negative environment impact
- Two-Year Warranty

Shorai batteries have become one of the leading producers of Lithium Iron Phosphate power sports batteries. They have led the market's conversion to the lithium starter battery from the traditional lead-acid and have helped revolutionized to industry with their LFX line. The Shorai battery LFX claims to be the only prismatic lithium-iron battery which lasts longer and packs more punch, while being half the size of a traditional battery. LFX batteries deliver more energy faster than its competitors in the market. These Shorai batteries even weigh and wear less per start cycle than other brands. The light weight is due in part to the high tech carbon-fiber composite case. Due to a low self-discharge rate, this battery can hold the charge for a whole year without maintenance. It not only has a service life 2-4 times that of a lead-acid battery but also recharges quicker. Shorai motorcycle batteries use LFX cells that are specifically formulated for engine starter duty.

Although the Shorai LFX series is pricier than the typical lead-acid battery, it has a superior technology that is backed up with a two-year warranty. The Shorai LFX batteries have a wide range of case shapes, sizes, capacity options and left/right polarity options for the best fitment possible. There are adhesive backed foam sheets included in the pack which can be used in case the LFX is smaller than the previous battery in any dimension. The foam sheets can be trimmed and applied accordingly to ensure a snug fit of the battery along with vibration and thermal insulation. The pack also includes terminal screws, a set of spares, the user manual and Shorai decals in different sizes. Shorai LFX offers a "drop in" installation for many power-sports vehicles due to all the different options and sizes available.

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By Daniel Relich

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