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A Hell-a-va Guide: Zero Gravity & Puig Windscreens

A windscreen (or windshield) may not be the most drool-worthy or sexiest accessory on a bike, but it is in fact one of the most user-friendly upgrades for a rider. With the hundreds of options out there in the market, choosing the right one is a daunting task. Not to worry! We'll go over the benefits, what to look for in a good one, and our personal picks. 


The windshield vs. no windshield conundrum could turn into a hot debate item with riders, so let's quickly review the benefits of installing a windscreen! 

Decreasing wind blast: A windscreen redirects the wind blast away from your face and chest, which in turn reduces riding fatigue, which equals a much more comfortable ride and the ability to ride farther. Whether your ride is morning jaunt through the mountains or a week-long tour along the coast, you'll be thankful for a windshield to take the majority of wind strain. 

Protection from weather: A windscreen will also divert cold wind and rain, allowing you to stay dryer and more comfortable when riding in less-than-ideal weather. 

Protection from bugs and other debris: Ever rode through the countryside during summertime? Yuck. Bugs in your beard is not a sexy look. Need we say more? A windscreen also protects from gravel kick-ups and other unexpected incidents.


Now that we all understand the benefits, let's go over how to select the one right for you. Here are some general qualities to consider when choosing the perfect windscreen:

Material: Generally, windscreens come in either polycarbonate or acrylic, both durable plastic materials. The benefit of acrylic is that it will stay clear and shiny and won't yellow with long-term sun exposure, while polycarbonate is more scratch-resistant, but will yellow with age. 

Height: This is one of the most important considerations and the hardest to get just right. A too tall windscreen may block your vision, which will be dangerous especially during rainy weather. A too short windscreen won't offer the protection you need and may even direct wind into your face. 

An ideal height should be so that the top edge is just under your line of vision (at the nose level). That way, you can easily see over it, but still be able to slightly drop your head if needed. 

Fixed, detachable? A fixed windscreen is well, exactly that. Once mounted, it's a permanent addition to your bike. A detachable one has quick detach mounts, and may be a good option for those who want the flexibility to go with or without a windshield depending on your ride and weather conditions. 


Okay, so all that information is great, but what about the look?? 

Now, being moto junkies ourselves, we understand that you're concerned with destroying the sexy body lines of your bike. We get it, really. No one wants to work hard sprucing up their bike, getting everything just perfect, only to have an ugly windshield sticking out like a sore thumb. But having a windshield on your bike doesn't have to look bulky or dorky. In fact, a windscreen can look cool and still complement the sleek lines of your bike. 

Here are our favorite windscreens for both aesthetics and performance (and also our best selling brands!):

PUIG Windscreens

PUIG Windscreens was founded in 1964 by Josep and Jaume Puig, brothers who shared an interest in mechanics and a passion for motorcycles. Since the beginning, the windscreens have been designed, produced, and distributed from their Granollers facility in Spain. PUIG Windscreens was introduced in the USA market almost a decade ago, and since then has expanded to include other motorcycle accessories. Finally in 2013, the first PUIG USA opened in Orlando, FL. Now, PUIG products are being exported to more than 60 countries all over the world. 

The racing and touring Windscreens are designed in Orlando using data generated by a virtual wind tunnel. This research and development method is used to create new shapes and screens with proven real world performance.Their extensive research has resulted in significantly minimized wind bast, thereby improving the bike experience for riders. PUIG windscreens are unparalleled in the moto world for their superior quality, unique shapes, and fit and finish.

There are currently three types of windscreens manufactured by PUIG. Briefly, here are the differences between them so you can choose which one best suits your riding style:

PUIG Racing Windscreens

The PUIG Racing Windscreens have been derived from competition and have a "race bubble" design, helping to minimize wind blast on the rider's helmet. These are made from high-impact acrylic, which makes them stronger and more flexible. These windscreens are resistant to cracking and scratching and are able to absorb vibrations at higher speeds due to their 3mm thickness. 

All of PUIG's racing screens are developed based on virtual wind tunnel tests. This improves their aerodynamics and enhances wind protection. Please note however, that the Z racing windscreens have better aerodynamic characteristics due to a more aggressive bubble.

PUIG Naked Windscreens

Like the naked look but need a little wind protection to make those longer rides more enjoyable? PUIG's Naked New Generation Windscreens are specifically designed to fit the shape and style of a naked bike and they look great! These windscreens are similar to the Racing ones in the material and the way they are designed based on wind tunnel tests, however, they have been specifically made to ensure a cozy fit on the naked bikes. 

PUIG Touring Windscreen
The PUIG touring series has been specifically designed for long distance rides, and can fitted on any naked or touring bike. The top edge is several centimeters higher in order to minimize wind blast. The lower section of most of these screens has a shaded part to hide the cable behind the speedometer. It is made up of high-impact acrylic as well. Although easy to mount on any bike, windscreen adapters are also available for some bike models.

You can order Puig Windscreens here:

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity has built a reputation manufacturing lightweight windscreens with superior optical quality, fit and finish. Zero Gravity windscreens have helped many race teams win major championships around the globe and is constantly striving to push the envelope of windscreen design in both performance and efficiency. All their windscreens are constructed with a specialized "vacuum forming" technique (like that used for aircraft canopies!), which results in a virtually distortion-free lens. They're made from a high grade acrylic, strong enough to resist cracking and at the same time flexible enough to absorb vibrations. 

There are four types of windscreens offered by Zero Gravity, each unique in design and target toward different riders. All windscreens are factory pre-drilled and ready to install and match the O.E.M. fairing for a precision fit and finish. Here are the brief descriptions of each:

SR Series

If you like the bike lines of your original stock windscreen, then the SR series may be just what you're looking for. The Zero Gravity SR Series windscreens are shaped like the original factory screens and are designed to work with your stock motorcycle lines. They're great for replacing a damaged screen or for riders wishing to change the tint without altering the profile. These come pre-drilled and are designed to fit your motorcycle fairing with precision using your stock mounting hardware/fasterners.

Double Bubble

The Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreens have a "bubble within a bubble" design, which has changed the face of the sportbike industry. This innovative concept was pioneered by zero Gravity in 1995 for Team ZG's race bikes, and is now seen on race tracks all around the world! This unique windscreen design perfectly complements the sportbike's sleek, futuristic lines while providing added aerodynamics.  

Sport Touring

If more long distance rides are your thing, then look no further than the sport touring screens! Zero Gravity's Sport Touring windscreens are the tallest windscreens in their line-up, designed to maximize longer distance ride comfort with enhanced wind protection. These taller screens reduce the windblast by raising the point at which the wind hits the rider by several inches, ensuring more comfort while in the upright riding position.   


For the more serious racers, Zero Gravity's new Corsa Series was designed in collaboration with professional racers from around the world! The Corsa Series screens have a taller bubble that offers more wind protection when tucked in at speed, even for the larger riders. Once a "racers only" windscreen, the Corsa is now available to all riders. This is only available in limited sport bike models. 

You can order Zero Gravity Windscreens here:


After seeing these sleek windscreens, I hope we helped change your mind that windscreens can be cool. They help provide a safer and more comfortable ride, no matter how long or short or the weather condition. We hope this guide has helped you get a better idea of what kind of windscreen you're searching for.
By Sir D

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