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Our Favorite 2016 Suzuki Motorcycles

Aaaaannd we're back! With yet another installment of our current favorite bike models (see Yamaha, Kawaski, BMW, and Ducati.)

Doing these have been quite fun, almost like getting that window-shopping thrill. If we can't own them, we can drool and write about them, amiright?

Here are our favorite Suzuki stallions for 2016!


Back in 1985, the release of the GSX-R750 (which you may say is the grandfather if modern sportbikes) changed the way we think about bikes forever. Even for the 2016 model, Suzuki hasn't lost touch with this bike's astounding heritage of winning championships and wowing us with its uber-cool style.

Thanks in part to a lighter build than previous models, the latest GSX feels more like a superbike than anything else when it comes to accelerating. This bike?s magical little secret is fitting a whopping 750cc engine on to a compact little machine. The bike is fitted with a aluminum alloy frame, lightweight Showa front forks and single rear shock, and electronically controlled steering damper.  The results are raw power and precise handling in a compact beast that dazzles both on the track and the road.

At MSRP of $12,299, it's not cheap but also not terribly pricey. What we love about it is that you get the agility of a small bike with the power of a 1000. Great balance between getting a smaller cc machine and a huge 1000cc machine. This makes the GSX-R750 an easy-to-ride mean machine that will never stop being one of the most fun all-around sports bikes on the market.


The 2016 SV650 is a rework of a mega-popular classic, and while it's perfect for beginner bikers, it promises to give the old-timers one mighty nostalgic thrill. The SV engine (645cc, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, liquid cooled) is a testament to superb manufacturing, and if you're willing to climb the rev meter, you'll be promised a thrilling ride.

It also rivals its competitors with its more than reasonable price tag, especially given that the ABS braking system is fitted as standard ? unlike other bikes that often require pricey additions.
Its new low RPM mode makes setting off and traveling at low speeds easy, which is what makes it so perfect for bikers without too much experience tearing up the dirt. A real little gem in our opinion.

At MSRP of $6,999, this is a solid price for a solid bike that will serve well from the beginner's phase all the way to the experienced leagues.

V-Strom 1000 ABS

Adventure biking more your thing? The Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS is a good introduction to Suzuki's ADV offerings.... and with new looks for 2016! It tackles steep mountains as easily as it does straight roads, being the first Suzuki adventure bike to feature traction control as standard while boasting an incredible engine.

Its fuel-injected V-Twin 1037cc engine has been tweaked to provide astounding torque at both low and mid-range levels, and its range of add-ons make it a versatile beast, perfect for taking you anywhere.

At MSRP of $12,699, this bike is also excellent value for money with hand guards, side-mounted cases, and a touring guard fitted as standard. All in all, you can't go wrong with this fine masterpiece no matter what kind of terrain you wish to conquer.


The new Hayabusa is hard to miss. This slick mad machine looks like it was stolen from the future, and with an incredible 1340cc inline four cylinder engine, we really wouldn?t be surprised to find out that's exactly what happened. The crazy aesthetic may be love-it or hate-it, but it is designed for maximum aerodynamics and once you're on this thing, we bet you'd love it.

The outstanding accelerating capabilities of this crazy-fast sports bike never stop ? you'll still keep climbing until you reach the very top end of the scale. State-of-the-art suspension coupled with a lightweight aluminum frame give this bike astounding agility - it really packs a punch on the speed side of things. Other features include Brembo brake calipers, ABS, clutch assist, idle speed control, and drive modes.

At MSRP of $14,599, it puts this bike in the splurge category. But this is a marvel of an engineering creation with top-of-the-line features, and with all that power, we think it's actually a decent price for what is one of the fastest production bikes currently out there!


Motorbike manufacturers know full well that no thrills are lost along the way to maturing into your senior years. We love experiencing those back-breaking phenomenal speeds, but we don't want actually to break our backs achieving them.

The GSX-S1000F is a power-packed marvel (with an 999cc four-stroke liquid cooled engine), ergonomically-designed to make way for punishing speeds without painful consequences. Suzuki has applied the love of a sports bike design and coupled it with a more upright, standard riding position than that found on a bike destined for the track. The result is a machine with overwhelming power that can be ridden almost endlessly without neck, wrist and back problems.

It's a bike geared towards tearing up the streets rather than painting the track with tire marks. And what it loses in sport like suspension and competition grade breaking, it more than makes up for with comfort. At MSRP of $10,999, it?s an ideal bike for those still chasing adrenaline, but craving more comfort.

Something for Everyone

We really like Suzuki for developing ground-breaking bikes and concepts that promise a little something for everyone. Although they haven't been garnering much media attention lately as their supersport line-up remains mostly unchanged, their bikes have more than earned their place as some of the best purchases on the market - new or used.

Which of these bikes are you lusting over? Or do you have your eye on another model?

*all photos courtesy of Suzuki

By Daniel Relich

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