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Riding Safely on the Road with Effective Motorcycle Safety

As any rider knows, riding a motorcycle requires constant awareness.  You're often surrounded by much larger vehicles often driven by people not paying full attention to the road.  The holidays can sometimes present extra challenge that requires riders be even more vigilant than normal.  Check out our infographic for some interesting and important holiday riding safety tips and suggestions.  Also, feel free to share this infographic on your own website if you have one.

Motorcycle riding requires awareness given that the rider is generally surrounded by larger vehicles, with often oblivious drivers.  Holiday riding requires extra vigilance.

Introduction to motorcycle safety

* Serious head injury is the most likely cause of death for motorcyclists.
* Helmets are 37% more effective in preventing motorcycle deaths.
* Helmets are 67% effective in preventing brain injury
* The majority of motorcyclist death since the 1980's has been age 29 and below
* From 1975 ? 2014, 62% of motorcyclist deaths occurred between May and September.

Stay safe with the right motorcycle gear

        Need a retention strap on the wrist in order for them to stay in place
        Your hands should be covered from the fingers to the palm and even at the back of your hands and wrists.

        Choose motorcycle pants equipped with CE-rated armor in the hips, knees, shins, and should be made from leather or textile materials. Regular denims won't protect you in an accident

        Support the heavy weight of the motorcycle
        Protect your feet and ankles during a crash

        45% of all impacts on motorcycle helmets occur around the face
        Helmets have a 5-year life and they must have a DOT-approved sticker in order to be worn in the US

        Jackets cover fragile parts around your body such as your arms, back and ribs.
        Motorcycle jackets also have body armor for increased efficiency

        Motorcycle body armor helps protect the body from crashes and they help absorb the impact and the energy that would otherwise be transferred to your joints. Solo Moto offers a number of effective armor for your use.

Basic Motorcycle Safety Tips

Take a motorcycle safety course
        Some states even require completion of a motorcycle safety class

Wear the proper gear
        Make sure to wear motorcycle specific gear for maximum efficiency. Also make sure to get the proper gear from reputable retailers or sources like

Develop your riding skills
        Constantly improve your riding skills but also stick to the limits of your own skill

Avoid getting distracted
        Distractions can potentially lead to serious accidents that cost you your life and others as well

Leave enough stopping distance
        There are many reasons your brakes could fail and because of this it is important that you leave enough stopping distance for brakes

Consider the weather
        Remember, roads can get very slippery especially for motorcycles during the rain or storms

Educate your passenger
        They should wear proper gear same as you and tell them to hold tight and stay still. Read our 8 tips for riding with a passenger.

Wear a helmet
        Head injuries are the leading cause of death during motorcycle crashes so it is always important to protect your head. Make sure you find the right size.

Riding safely on holidays

Never ride under the influence of alcohol because you are not only breaking the law, you're also endangering the lives of others in addition to your own.

4th of July
Never drink and drive and obey speed laws

New Year's Eve
Make sure you are sober when riding. If you are just a passenger, make sure the driver is sober. Stick to the main roads because back roads are a gathering spot for suspicious behavior.
Stay away from suspicious driving as evidenced by vehicles that are going too fast or vehicles that are swerving.

Stick to main roads, stay away from suspicious driving, and make sure you are sober when riding.

Ride slowly and never pass by stopped vehicles because these vehicles may be dropping off children for trick or treating. Always be on the lookout for children. Remember, streets could be packed with trick-or-treaters.

4 pm to 8 pm is the most dangerous time during Halloween especially for drivers so you should be very careful.

Ask a friend to take you home afterwards, keep the number of a taxi driver in hand or make sure you have a transportation request app on your phone.

Don't let your friend drive drunk. Report other drunk drivers.


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