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CRG Hindsight 3" LS Bar End Folding Mirror

26 reviews and 4 out of 5 stars confirm this is a GREAT product. They've been backordered almost steadily this year but we've managed to wrangle a large number of them. The 3" Hindsight LS Bar End Folding Mirror is IN STOCK and ready to ship.

These are not your standard southeast Asia produced crap and we definitely can agree that we get what we pay for. CNC Machined billet aluminum construction insure these beauties last a while. Replacement glass is also offered. On sale for $74.95 (Retail $90) they are not cheap but are more than worth it according to what people are saying. Pair them up with a bar-end adapter for easy installation.

CRG also offers a 2" non-folding mirror called the Blindsight for about $43 and a 3" non-folding Hindsight for about $67. If you're looking for extra fancy mirrors, check out Rizoma.
By Sir D

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