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Does an Aftermarket Motorcycle Seat Really Make a Difference?

I have the Sargent seat on my touring motorcycle and it makes a huge difference in the amount of time I can spend in the saddle. Never the one to complain about a motorcycle I'm still paying for, I try to cope with the stock parts on the machine for as long as possible. Most people can't go out and customize their bikes after spending their budget on the bike itself. When it came to the seat, I was conflicted with how much of a difference it would actually make. One 4,000-mile ride answered that question for me!

My experience with the stock seat wasn't all that bad. It wasn't until I was spending day after day on the bike when I started to have problems. I ended up shifting my weight to one side, then to the other, and eventually just had to stop to stretch and take a break. That's not what riding is about to me. I bought the bike to ride do cover some miles, and I?m old enough to realize that suffering is not always a necessity. There are only a few locations that your body actually contacts the bike so I decided to remedy the most obvious contact point with a product I?d heard so many good things about: the Sargent World Sport Performance Motorcycle Seat.

Sargent seats are well known for their comfort and superior fit on every popular touring motorcycle out there. This became apparent as soon as I popped the seat on the bike. The fit was just as good as stock and it even had an additional storage compartment under the seat. The finish is actually a lot nicer looking that the stock seat which is a bonus. I've had the seat in rain, mud, dirt and dust, and it still looks awesome after thousands of miles. I can ride a looooooong way on this seat. Much, much further than I ever could on the stock seat, that?s for sure.

So, in summary, I would highly recommend the Sargent seat for any motorcycle you?re looking to put some miles on. It will be a noticeable improvement for someone commuting or just putting around on the weekend as well. My friend sat on my bike over the weekend and exclaimed ?nice seat!? So, it does make a difference, and I?m glad I have one on my bike today so I don?t need to turn down long rides to places that I've always wanted to go. This is an upgrade that allows you to do more with your motorcycle, which is the whole point, isn't it?
By Sir D

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