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Klim Badlands Pro Jacket & Pants Review

After two years of testing, we have an enormous appreciation for the Klim Badlands Pro Jacket and Badlands Pro Pant here at Solo Moto. We have found this long-range touring and adventure jacket/pants combo to be the ultimate in protection, function, and style. If you're looking for one set of gear to do it all, look no further. The Badlands Pro jacket and pants may end up being your most important set of gear for several reasons... 

No matter how bad the weather, the jacket does its job. In the heat it ventilates extremely well for a jacket with this level of protection. The moisture-wicking brushed mesh liner keeps air moving once it enters one of the six (6) intake vents. The massive vents under the arms are very effective, and the forearm and bicep vents allow for fine tuning or all-out air flow. The two (2) vertical back exit vents remain effective since they route around the back protector. Amazingly enough, the Badlands Pro is still able to shield you from pounding rain and snow in the blistering cold. The Gore-tex shell and waterproof stretch panels are guaranteed to keep you dry, and easily adjustable wrist enclosures with gaiters secure tightly in and around your gloves to keep moisture out. The jacket collar reaches up near your helmet and can be cinched with a draw cord. We've had the jacket in rain, hail and snow, and it performed flawlessly throughout each adventure. 

Top-of-the-line armor and abrasion resistance keep you protected. There's absolutely no reason to buy a piece of equipment that doesn't offer a level of safety consistent with today's technology- and the Badlands Pro has it all. Armacor high-abrasion and tear-resistant material shields you from long slides on pavement or rough terrain. The internal D30 armor is amazingly comfortable and significantly more effective than similarly weighted foam pads used in other jackets and pants. The D30 armor remains soft and flexible while riding but absorbs impacts on a molecular level. The armor fits flawlessly into the jacket and pants, allowing for a full range of motion on or off of your motorcycle. We even find ourselves wearing the jacket around camp. 

Storage in the jacket is convenient and well thought out. The Badlands Pro has an internal chest pocket for an MP3 player or phone with exiting routes for ear pods. You'll find a storage pouch for a hydration bladder behind the back protector with a route for the drink tube exiting via one of the front pockets. There are four (4) big pockets on the front of the jacket that allow the rider to carry just about anything they'd need in a hurry like cash or a camera. There's a huge pouch on the lower back for miscellaneous items, and a convenient zippered arm pocket for ID, credit cards or emergency info. Storage has never been an issue in our experience with this jacket. 

We have yet to wear a better-designed, more functional on/off-road pant than the Badlands Pro. If you are an adventure touring rider you?ve no doubt been across some weather and probably had a spill or two. What if you had a pair of riding pants that had the abrasion resistance needed for street riding, sleek and comfortable impact-absorbing internal armor, and a reliable, rugged construction that will stand up to any type of weather and terrain you throw at them? Well, you?d have the Badlands Pro pant and you would be done shopping. We?ve had the opportunity to ride thousands of miles through rain, hail and snow in these pants and they are the best we?ve seen so far. If you want one pair of riding pants that does it all, the Badlands Pro pant is definitely at the top of the list. 

Overall, there really isn't anything more I could ask for from an adventure jacket and pants. The Badlands Pro is easy to ride in and it?s kept most of my soft tissue intact over the past couple years (despite my best efforts to destroy myself!). Whether I'm riding thousands of miles of highway through the Pacific Northwest, camping for weeks in the Sierras, or adventure riding through Death Valley, I have a one set of gear that will do it all and do it well.
By Aram

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