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Q&A with Healtech Distributor Blue Monkey is a long-time dealer of Healtech Gear Indicators and the Speedohealer Calibrator. Recent, we had a rather good idea to interview our long time friend, Todd Robinson, of Blue Monkey Motorsports, to try and dive a little deeper into the man behind Healtech Electronics in North America.

Q. Please introduce yourself. Who might you be?
A. Todd Robinson, President and General Manager of Blue Monkey Motorsports, Inc.

Q. What does Blue Monkey do, when did it start and what's the origin of the name?
A. Blue Monkey is the exclusive North American distributor for Healtech Electronics, located just outside Sandpoint, Idaho. The business started in 2002 as Cal-Sportbike, but after moving to Idaho in 2007 and incorporating we decided to change the name. In the powersports industry we really don't have to take ourselves too I let my kids give me naming suggestions, and I really liked their idea to call it "Blue Monkey". It was unique and catchy, and we really dug the old school "Speed Racer/anime" logo our designer created for us.

Q. How did you decide on Healtech? What's the origin of the idea to set out on your own?
A. Back in 2002 Cal-Sportbike was a parts and accessories shop just off Angeles Crest Highway in Wrightwood, CA. We connected with a business in Europe who made a truly superior pulse bandwidth modulator to correct for speedometer error and gearing changes, and we started to bring their products into the USA in increasing quantities. That was the original SpeedoHealer. By 2007 we were focusing almost 100% on importing and distributing their products, and they'd expanded to a company employing over a dozen people in a state-of-the-art production facility with distributors in 41 countries.

Q. What's the most popular Healtech product line?
A. The SpeedoHealer has always been the best seller, probably because it's really a "need" product. And in 12 years nobody has come up with anything better. Basically anyone who changes gearing not only has even worse speedometer error but also is now forcing the odometer to register many more miles than the bike is traveling...often 12-15% more. So when people realize this is happening, getting a SpeedoHealer is a no-brainer. A close second is their gear indicators...since between the GIPro with ATRE, GIPro DS Series, and GIPro X-Type they can be installed on any motorcycle, atv/utv, or car with electronic ignition. Their fastest growing line right now is the new QSE quick shifter. I think that's due to the fact that it offers far more features than quick shifters in the $600 range but costs just a little over $300. In fact, it was just named runner-up for's Product of the Year Award.

Q. Anything new on the horizon that we can look forward to?
A. Healtech is putting almost all their time into making sure there will be QSE quick shifter harnesses for every bike model on the market. This requires an inordinate amount of time to ensure compatibility. So it may be a bit before we see the next Healtech product as they work to really broaden model applications and performance with this remarkable new product. For example, they now make a harness for the Honda Grom, and the editors just used that kit for a 24-hour endurance race.

Q. Does Healtech offer a warranty for their products? If so, how would it work for US customers?
A. Healtech has the best warranty in the electronics industry. All Healtech products come with a 30-day ("love it or return it") money back guarantee. We are pleased to be able to offer this sort of buyer assurance, and in a given year I can count on one hand the number of money-back returns we get. People really love Healtech's quality and performance.  Their replacement warranty is also very strong. All products have a 2-year unlimited replacement warranty for failure, while the FI Tuner Pro has a transferable 5 year warranty (five times longer than any other mappable fuel injection tuner on the market) and the SpeedoHealer has an impressive lifetime limited warranty.

Q. Todd, what's in your dream garage?
A. My dream garage would include a Suzuki Lucky Strike RGV250, Aprilia RSW250GP, Rothmans Honda NSR250 (I do love the two-strokes), Honda RC30, '92 Ducati 900 Superlight (I sold mine in 2001 and I miss that bike), and a Bimota SB6R. And as a Porsche guy, there would be an air-cooled 911 in there somewhere...probably a '95-98 993 C4S for days it's too cold and windy to ride in northern Idaho.

Q. Anything else to add?
A. We see great things in the future for the Healtech product line. We are happy to have some long-time dealers like Solo Moto who have been with us for ages and are fantastic at supporting the product line with knowledge and great service. With Healtech continuing to set the benchmark for quality and performance in this industry, it's just a great place for us to be in this industry.

By Daniel Relich

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