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Sargent World Sport Enduro and 2UP Seats for BMW F800GS

We have put a lot of miles on the BMW F800GS here at Solo Moto, and more than a few long-distance adventures in a single clip. Riding thousands of miles in the stock saddle is not a very attractive proposition if you've ever tried it yourself. We certainly have, and a Sargent World Sport Enduro-Style Seat was the first thing we put on the bike when we got back.

Sargent has been making seats for over 80 years! I learned that it's not necessarily the foam alone that makes for a great seat. The forward-rear angle of the motorcycle seat as well as the width and shape play a big role in keeping your hiney from going numb on a ride. We've spoken to riders coming from two or three other brands of seats before trying Sargent, and they typically rave about the difference in ride comfort after trying a Sargent seat.

The seat on the F800GS doesn't start biting back until the miles start piling up. If you ride around town and do a little riding on the weekends, you could very well be fine on the stock seat. I don't need to do any convincing here if you're already on the bike and putting in the miles, so let's move on to what Sargent can do for you.

The Sargent World Sport Seat is available in a couple different configurations for the BMW F650GS, F700GS, and F800GS. There is an Enduro version that mimics the style of the stock seat which is appropriate for dual sport riding that requires the rider to shift from front to back on the seat while traveling off-road. The other version of the seat is the 2UP-Style that creates separate saddles for the rider and passenger, holding both in their respective positions, front to back. Side-to-side leaning for aggressive turning remains very comfortable and natural in this seat as well. Both variations utlize superior materials and shaping to create a much more comfortable ride, regardless of the circumstances.
The Enduro Sargent seat is absolutely best for the Dual Sport rider that will be carrying the occasional passenger. I brought my wife on a few rides and we were just fine on the Enduro seat. The 2UP seat would not have been appropriate for all the climbing and sliding and balancing I was doing off-road.

The 2UP-Style Sargent seat is best for the Touring rider who will be traveling long distances on the pavement and wants to keep a passenger where they belong, behind and slightly above the pilot. This is the seat of choice for a rider that likes to feel set in place without a lot of movement in the saddle.
By Aram

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