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5 Staple Streetbike Mods

With so many options available, it's sometimes hard to find a good upgrade path for your streetbike. Well, dear reader, here's a quick and dirty list that will apply to most street riders:

1) Fender eliminator kits clean up the tail end of your motorcycle and have been a popular sportbike upgrade for some time now. These are great first additions to your sportbike as most OEM license plate fenders are awfully ugly. You'll be road ready to no time!

2) A new windscreen is a staple upgrade born on the race track. Puig and Zero Gravity dominate the sportbike windscreen market. For less than a $100, you can drastically change the look and feel of your sportbike with various windscreen shapes and colors. The full tuck friendly 'double height' or 'double bubble' profile sell best.

3) Frame sliders are a very popular upgrade as well but have taken some heat over the years (usually when people expect them to protect the bike in any crash scenario). Frame sliders work well in most tip-over incidents. They'll save your precious (and expensive) bodywork from taking a beating when your bike hits the pavement but don't expect them to do much if you experience a highside crash. Remember to round out your bike protection with bar ends and spools!

4) Get some levers! Now-a-days, aftermarket levers are adjustable and are designed to improve rider comfort as the stock levers are not adjustable or are not adjustable within a wide enough range. Pazzo levers took the US by storm when releasing their levers with multiple color options and in shortly and long variety. People flocked to them and a revolution was started. Lever combinations are near endless and will fit into most budgets at around $170 (street price) a set.

5) Nothing culminates the motorcycle riding experience quite like the ubiquitous slip-on exhaust. It's popularity is gained by the relatively affordable price (as compared to a full system exhaust) and, generally speaking, additional fuel management (via a Power Commander or similar device) won't be necessary. Rev happily through the urban jungle while setting off car alarms and frightening the occasional pet -- oh, my!
By Sir D

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