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Seat Concepts Review

In the quest to build the ultimate motorcycle, avid riders naturally turn to the world of aftermarket motorcycle parts to create the safest and best riding machine possible. Motorcycle riders like the look of stock parts, but when it comes to a better seat, Seat Concepts provides superior comfort and support without sacrificing style.

No longer tied to the brick-and-mortar motorcycle parts stores, veteran riders have been shopping online for the Seat Concepts brand for quite some time now. Founded in 2004, Seat Concepts is now a leader in the aftermarket motorcycle seats market, enabling both distance and competitive riders everywhere to improve the quality of their rides. The seats are well-known for value, comfort, quality and design.

Seat Concepts designs all of its seats to fit the bike and its rider, which is a clear improvement over the stock option. The Seat Concepts company has enjoyed a grass-roots start. Two motorcycle-riding enthusiasts started the business in a home garage. From there, the brand grew into a well-known motorcycle accessory company - with all seats and parts made and proudly produced in the USA.

Seat Concepts provides aftermarket motorcycle accessories for the following brands:
- Aprilia
- Beta
-  BMW
- Ducati
- Harley Davidson
- Honda
- Husaberg
- Kawasaki
- Suzuki
- Triumph
- Yamaha

Complete Seats vs Seat Foam & Cover Kits

One important aspect of Seat Concepts seats is to remember that, for most models, Seat Concepts offers two types of kits. The complete kits are a full bolt-on replacement seat with new seat pan, foam and cover all ready to go.  This is the easiest option as it doesn't require any installation work aside from taking your old seat off and replacing it with a new Seat Concepts one.

Foam and cover kit are the most cost effective of the two choices from Seat Concepts. The seat cover kits come with higher density foam and a new cover from Seat Concepts that is ready to be installed on your stock seat pan (essentially re-purposing it). Using a seat kit would require modifications to your stock seat so some riders chose not to go this route.

Comfort & Sport Seats

There's no losing style in gaining more comfort, as Seat Concepts offers a variety of colors, textures, and seat kits or full seats to achieve the right look for each and every customer. The company's cover materials include gripper, carbon, embossed, grain vinyl and suede.

All pricing quoted is for self-installation of the foam and cover kit without the pan or the entire seat. Seat Concepts comfort and sport seats can be mistaken for stock seats once they are installed. Seat Concepts offers cover color options, colored stitching or piping, and more.

The comfort transformation is provided by higher foam density, improved shape and support and height options. Redesigned shapes help keep riders from sliding forward, and many models come with heat/sound damping material. Online reviewers rave about 12-hour motorcycle riding without the usual aches and pains caused by stock seating.

Competition Seats

Options for narrow cuts, better grips, foam inserts and lower centered designs give riders a competitive advantage. These design changes not only give riders improved traction during acceleration and braking, but they also include proprietary foam density for better comfort. The design also offers resistance to damage caused by knee braces.

Seat Concepts competition seat product reviews identify the gripper top as a significant design improvement for handling normal and less than ideal conditions. Riders who wear knee braces rave about the longevity of the seat.

Seat Concepts products work for those in the weight range of 160 to 240 pounds unless stated otherwise in the product description. All seats come with a one-year manufacturer product defect warranty. Brands sold through have been vetted and tested, including Seat Concepts aftermarket motorcycle products. We love these seats!

Some items can take one to two weeks for delivery, so be sure to place the Seat Concepts order well before a motorcycle riding adventure or Motocross event. The customer service team is always available for questions by phone and email, we'll do whatever we can to make a Seat Concepts purchase an outstanding experience.

Here's some top selling Seat Concepts Covers & Seats:
By Daniel Relich

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