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2016 BMW Motorcycles We Are Drooling Over

We're back today with yet another installment of Bikes We Wish We Had In Our Garage... oh oops, I mean... favorite bikes of 2016 (see Yamaha and Kawasaki). Our dreams are getting bigger, as the focus today is on BMW!

BMW is generally viewed as a luxury brand that focuses on high performance and every day luxury while pushing the boundaries of hot new technology. Their motorcycles are no different, and as such, while they are pricey, you do get what you pay for. 2016 doesn't boast a lot of big changes in their lineup but we still have our favorite models we've always loved through the years.

Alright, let's get into it!


Oh man, is this the most drool-worthy adventure bike or what? Not a lot of bikes garner visions of trans-continental adventures as the R1200GS. This is the bike that started it all and defined a segment. It features an 1170cc four-stroke flat twin engine that delivers an incredible horsepower of 125. A new water cooling concept has been integrated seamlessly, which allows even greater engine efficiency and more powers.

The R1200GS comes with the option for a Standard or Premium package. The Standard package gives you Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment, cruise control, hand guards, heated grips, and saddlebag mounts. With the Premium package, you?ll also get in addition the LED headlight, tire pressure monitor, On-Board Computer Pro, Ride Mode Pro, and GPS mount. Both packages come with Rain or Road rider modes, but the Premium package also adds Dynamic, Enduro, Enduro Pro, and ABS Pro modes for a more sporty feel.

Also new for 2016 is the special Triple Black edition that comes in a virtually all-black finish. We love the black-on-black tank, anodized black forks, cross-spoke wheels with black glass rims, and blacked-out powertrain. The bike is rounded out with grey accents on the front and rear frame, engine, gearbox, and swingarm. This bike exudes a powerfully daring and sexy presence.

Prices start at $16,495 (and $600 more for the Triple Black). BMW?s are definitely not known for being budget friendly, but as a bike that does it all (and as we love to say), you do get what you pay for!


The new S1000RR is super exciting! I remember when the rumor mill was churning out talks of a BMW M division engineered superbike and I couldn't believe what I was reading (it is the internet, after all...). I was so hopeful the rumors would be true because I absolutely adore the M series cars from BMW and I know a BMW superbike would be epic. Ep-ic! And hey, it is.

Not only did the S1000RR get an entire new facelift, it also got a technology revamp too. In fact, it's been completely revised down to the very last detail! Every last bit has been redesigned to increase power and optimize riding. 

Major changes include: a new lighter, more efficient exhaust design; new suspension set-up; a leaner, more symmetrical chassis design; and new instrument panel. New features include: a new electromotive throttle actuator for 100% electronic control of the throttle valves; Shift Assistant Pro (allows shifting without using the clutch); Rain, Sport and Race ride modes; and Dynamic Damping Control that adjust the suspension automatically.

All this new redesign resulted in a bike with a more horsepower than the previous version (a whopping 199 hp output!), while being a full 8.8 lbs lighter.  This definitely translates into increased power. The S1000RR was already a fierce machine, but now it's a true unbeatable superbike.

MSRP starting at $15,695 (including ABS).


I first fell in lust with the R1200RT after a few long touring trips up the California coast line with some friends that worked for a BMW dealership and they were all rockin' R1200RT's. Coming from the sportbike world, I simply just didn't get it back then when I looked at these awkwardly large machines that seems so down on horsepower. In my 30s, well, I get it and I want a R1200RT like nobody's business.

This is a legendary bike that has defined the classic touring segment and now it comes with even more features for a smoother, more comfortable and controlled riding experience. This bike is designed for maximum comfort and safety, streamlined aerodynamics, and superior handling for long distance riding.

The R1200RT features a powerful 1,170cc air/water-cooled twin-cylinder boxer engine with an output of 125 horsepower, derived from the boxer unit on the R1200GS. But the R1200RT has a higher centrifugal mass on the crankshaft and alternator, which equals a smoother engine. The continuous main frame, agile chassis, and traction control system ASC offer even more stability and precise handling.

Riders can select Rain or Road ride modes at the touch of a button according to the weather and road condition. Special equipment features make the bike even more dynamic, including a semi-active electronic suspension that automatically adjusts to changing road surfaces, a gear shift assistant pro that allows for shifting up or down without using the clutch or throttle, and a Dynamic riding mode that allows for a more sporty feel.

At a MSRP starting at $18,145, this tourer is certainly an investment for those that want to eat up pavement on an asphalt adventure or simply ride in style to the office or on the weekends.


Ex-cafe racer geeks unite! For those that are done with tinkering in the garage and building a custom racer with pieces from the 80's that doesn't ever seem to work right, then the RnineT is that off-the-showroom cafe race/roaster you've been looking for -- and more!

The RnineT (powered by an air/oil-cooled 1,170cc classic boxer unit) is a relatively new bike in the BMW Motorrad lineup. This minimalist, retro style roadster is a throwback to the classics but still has a contemporary appearance with the use of modern finishes and curves, and of course, all paired with top-class engineering expected from BMW.

The main selling point of this bike is that it's a perfect canvas for almost limitless options for customization. The rear frame is removable, as are the pillion pegs and sub frame. BMW accessories range also offer a few seat configurations, carbon body panels, and Akrapovic mufflers for the bike. The specially designed electrical system also allows you to easily swap out electrical accessories without worrying about wiring difficulties. There are also a number of specialist customizers who produce bolt-on parts for the R9T. You can truly take this bike and make it uniquely yours.

This bike breaks away from a fitting into a specific role or bike category. It is made for fun riding, pure and simple. This is a great option for those looking for an urban bike, but not necessarily interested in a cruiser, adventure, or sportbike. If you?re willing to shell out $15,095 for it, that is.


And finally for an easier-to-swallow price for an adventure bike, we like the F800GS. In our opinion, the F800GS is a slightly more off-road focused adventure bike as compared to the R1200GS, as it isn't as comfortable on the road as the larger 1200.

The F800GS is powered by a 798cc liquid cooled, 4-stroke parallel twin engine. It offers a great throttle response and power delivery, with good fuel economy. The front end is suspended by an inverted fork, which makes this bike seriously fun for some adventure riding. The size of the bike is on the large side for dirt-bike standards, but still agile enough to ride off-road and speedy enough to use on the streets.

This is a bike designed for everyone, so no one has to miss out on the fun. It offers 4 different seat heights as well as an optional low-slung version, making it possible for shorter or less experienced riders to find their perfect height. Two different style variations are possible, each with different color design and accessories so you can get the bike more suited for you. The bike is also equipped with special features such as Normal, Comfort, and Sport riding modes, ASC traction control, and Electronic Suspension Adjustment.

At MSRP of $12,295, this is a more manageable cost for an adventure bike that takes you off the road as smoothly as on the streets.

Which of these bikes do you have your eyes on? Or are you lusting over another model? 

*all photos courtesy of BMW
By Daniel Relich
Published Friday, April 29, 2016

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