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Stebel Nautilus Compact Air Horn (12v, 139db)

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    Stebel Nautilus Compact Air Horn (12v, 139db)

    The Stebel dual-tone air horn is one of the greatest upgrades to any motorcycle as far as we're concerned. The stebel motorcycle horn is loud enough to convince other drivers that there's a derailed freight train barreling down on them. Don't press the horn button in the garage, it hurts! At 139dB it can be heard for almost 3 city blocks! YEEEOOOWWW!

    Includes a single M8 mounting bolt and nut, as well as a relay for providing a direct, high current attachment to the motorcycle's battery.

    No wires, fuses, or bike-specific mounting brackets are included but there is a plug-and-play wiring kit available as a separate product!

    Keep this in mind: sound energy doubles for every 3 points you go up in the decibel scale. It means that the Stebel Nautilus horn, which produces 139 dB of sound, puts out a LOT more sound than these popular horns: - 800% of the sound energy of the more expensive 130dB FIAMM Freeway Blaster; - 600% louder than the $140, 130 dB Pro Pad Mini Beast horn; - 650% louder than the $179, 128dB Rivco dual trumpet horn.

    You will not be dissapointed - just make sure you wire the included relay properly, as replacement horns used without a relay don't get enough electrical current to be fully effective.

    Technical specifications:

    • Sound Output: 139 dB

    • Operating Voltage: 12 Volts

    • Absorbed Current: less than 18A

    • Fundamental Frequency: 530 Hz & 680 Hz

    • Weight: 0.6 kg (1.3 lbs)

    • Dimensions: Approximately 4.8"x4.5"x3"

    • Reaction time: less than 90 milli-seconds


    In addition to this horn & relay, you'll need to pick up the following items from Auto Zone/Pep Boys/Radio Shack to complete installation:

    MATERIALS (not included with horn):

    - 14 to 16 gauge wire, 10 ft - 20 ft length (more than enough)

    - 2 splice-in wire connectors (blue plastic variety)

    - 6 female blade-style quick disconnects (Radio Shack 64-3049)

    - 3 ring connectors for attachment to battery terminals

    - 1 in-line fuse holder with 30 amp automotive fuse - weather resistant electrical tape (or just use weather-sealed heat-shrink connectors)

    Also fits ATVs, scooters, cars, trucks, freight trains, airplanes, steamships, cotton gins, and any other vehicles equipped with 12-volt power.

    Per the manufacturer, this horn should be mounted so that the cylinder is vertical (with the horn facing down). There should be no more than a 15 degree variance from the vertical position. If it is not mounted per these specifications, then the horn may cease to function after a period of time.

    • Product ID: 53174
    • Manufacturer: Stebel
    • Manufacturer Part#: Stebel.11135
    • Type: Universal/Multi-Fit/Not Bike Specific Item
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized Stebel dealer

    Customer Reviews About This Item

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      Stebel Nautilus
      by Douglas P. on 08/15/13
      Pros: Instant Sound, Compact size allows ease of mounting. Loud and crisp Horn. Fast shipping from SoloMoto and the horn arrived with mounting hardware and a relay..

      I separated the compressor from the horn assembly, mounted the compressor under the left side access panel inside my factory tool box. Installed the horn into an aftermarket cowbell and mounted it between the cylinders of my VTX 1300 C on the left side.. Wiring was simple, now when I depress the factory horn button I get an INSTANT blast of an crisp, sharp air horn.. Great Product.
      Cons: None so far.
      Fits BMW F800GS
      by Charles A. on 05/17/13
      Pros: The Stebel Nautilus Compact is a great horn. I had to replace my beep, beep horn which is pretty useless to a real horn. Unfortunately I had to use it recently when a speeding, lane changing, tail gating idiot decided to jump into my lane; I laid on my Stebel and he nearly crashed into the curb from avoiding what must have been a semi!!!! I hope I never need to use it again but it feels good to know that you will be heard if and when needed. Great product which does fit under the fairing in the stock location of the 2013 BMW F800GS. It is a little tight but it will fit. Used with the wiring harness which was helpful for the install.
      Cons: N/A
      by Walter Buck B. on 10/23/13
      Pros: I love the Stebel air horn. I mounted it on my 08+ KLR650 using the optional mounting adapter for my bike. This thing is LOUD! No more pee wee factory horn that no one can hear. This baby rocks! A woman was pulling over into my lane, I honked my Stebel horn, and she freaked. She kept looking for the 18 wheeler that was blowing it's horn. LOL! Too funny.
      This is one of the best safety features that you can add to a motorcycle.
      Cons: LOUD! It will rock you off your bike! Be warned not to blow excessively because you could go deaf:)

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