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Scotts Steering Stabilizer Bolt-On Kit for XR650L 93-15

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    Product Information

    Scotts Steering Stabilizer Bolt-On Kit for XR650L 93-15

    The bolt-on kit literally bolts on and usually mounts around the head tube. Installation time varies from bike to bike but normally takes about 45 minutes depending on your skills and the model of motorcycle. This kit is specific to each bike with consideration for which combination of bars and triple clamps are being used. We have meticulously designed these kits to make your installation time fast and easy. This kit typically will include a Stabilizer, link arm, handlebar clamp, frame backet, step by step pictured instructions, owners manual and applicable hardware. Some models may require replacement handlebars. We can assist you in that choice also. If you have any questions regarding any installation guidelines or special applications, please give us a call. The Photo attached here may be a generic photo to show you the basic components in the kit, but may not be showing the exact kit for your specific bike.

    Stabilizer Purchase Help:

     a) Bar Size:

     Please let us know which diameter of handlebars you are going to be using, so that we can provide the correct bar clamp to match the diameter of your bars.
    There are two diameters we use:
     A) 7/8" or 22mm diameter bars
     B) 1-1/8" or 28mm diameter bars (please email us with your A, B, C, & D measurements)
    If you are not sure, measure your handlebar diameter in between where the bars are clamped to the triple clamps.
    We do not make mounts for Easton 1 3/8" bars at this time.

    b) Triple Clamp:

     In order to provide the correct parts for your stabilizer kit, we need to know the brand of triple clamp you are going to use with our kit. The parts we provide will match the information you click on. Please be specific so that we can provide the correct parts. If you have a triple clamp other than what we list, please click "other" and then tell us which triple clamp it is in your order notes, later on in the ordering process. You can always email any additional information or questions. We highly recommend that you use our triple clamps to insure a proper fit, as many of the after market triple clamp manufacturers do not make parts with standardized dimensions. These can interfere with stabilizer mounting hardware. Our triple clamps were given the highest rating possible by both Dirt Rider and Motocross Action Magazine.

    c) Bar Position:

    NOTE: If you have a stock triple clamp, the bar position cannot change since the bar mounts are cast to the triple clamp.

     We need to know what Position you are going to use your handlebars in. What does that mean? Well most triple clamps have optional mounting holes in the triple clamp, allowing the user to move the handlebar position front to back, by relocating the handlebar perches. (We are NOT referring to the rotation of your bars in your perch or the marks on bars where they clamp).

     Position, refers to the relative position of the handlebars to the rider. Position 1 would be with the handlebars closest to the rider. This would mean the perches are bolted in the rear hole, and rotated so the bars are closest to the rider. Position 2 would be the next position, moving toward the front of the bike, second closest to the rider. Position 3 & 4 would only apply to triple clamps with another set of mounting holes in the triple clamp. Example: if you have a late model Ktm, you have 2 sets of mounting holes in the triple clamp for the handlebars. Since the lower perches are offset and can be reversed, this means that each set of holes has 2 mounting positions, giving you a total possibility of 4 different handlebar positions. We need to know which position you want to mount in. If you are not sure, select "Stock" and we can send you the most common position selected by most riders. The bar clamp we send is specific to that position and cannot be used for another position. This is to avoid accidental mis-mounting and damage. If you have any questions, please call Scotts Performance at 818 248-6747.

    d) Riding Computer:

     We need to know if you are going to use a riding computer such as an ICO, Pacemaker, Watchdog, etc., so that we can mount the link arm on the stabilizer in the position that will give you opitimum clearance. This only applies when the computer is mounted in the same area that the stabilizer is mounted. Each application using a computer can vary and is obviously up to the user to install without conflicts. Scotts also makes billet computer dashbaord mounts that make mounting computers easier.

    • Product ID: 1022699
    • Manufacturer: Scotts
    • Fits
      • Honda XR650L 1993
      • Honda XR650L 1994
      • Honda XR650L 1995
      • Honda XR650L 1996
      • Honda XR650L 1997
      • Honda XR650L 1998
      • Honda XR650L 1999
      • Honda XR650L 2000
      • Honda XR650L 2001
      • Honda XR650L 2002
      • Honda XR650L 2003
      • Honda XR650L 2004
      • Honda XR650L 2005
      • Honda XR650L 2006
      • Honda XR650L 2007
      • Honda XR650L 2008
      • Honda XR650L 2009
      • Honda XR650L 2010
      • Honda XR650L 2011
      • Honda XR650L 2012
      • Honda XR650L 2013
      • Honda XR650L 2014
      • Honda XR650L 2015
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized Scotts dealer

    Customer Reviews About This Item

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      Fredrik J. on 07/18/2010
      Pros: I have recomended this seller to all of my friends in Sweden.
      Thanks for a very, very, good service
      The Best!
      Gary H. on 06/13/2010
      Pros: I have been using the Scotts stabilizer for the past 10 years. It has saved me in just about every Off Road condition you can think of. Three way adjustablity makes it great for tight woods riding to flat out desert speed racing. none better period.
      Great job SOLOMOTO!
      by Shota H. on 05/15/16
      Pros: Really happy with purchase, SoloMoto teams was very helpful.
      I had Pro-Taper bar, bar riser and aftermarket tank and was not sure if this would fit right in. With a little help of team member I bought it with confident and they even arranged manufacturer to provide with longer pin to fit my bike setup. Would highly recommend.
      Cons: None

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