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Ohlins T36PR1C1LS Shock Absorber for GSX1300R Hayabusa 08-12

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    Product Information

    Ohlins T36PR1C1LS Shock Absorber for GSX1300R Hayabusa 08-12

    Many riders ask us if an Ohlins TTX Shock upgrade is worth it. The answer is YES. If you want to feel the road through a velvet glove and have your bike inspire confidence you didn’t know you had, then an Ohlins TTX shock is the answer. Suspension is such an important part of the motorcycle that many fast riders buy a suspension upgrade before anything else. It will improve your riding experience and let you ride faster while being more controlled.

    There’s a reason Ohlins suspension is used on so many winning motorcycle on circuits around the world. With such a wide reach, Ohlins is able to gather an incredible amount of test data to bring you the very best performance money can buy. Any company can claim to have the best suspension for your motorcycle but thousands of hours of research and development from race teams across the globe is hard to compete with. After all, MotoGP riders use Ohlins.

    When you purchase your Ohlins TTX shock from us, please remember to pass along your weight and type of riding you do so we may set up the shock to work best for your motorcycle including installing the proper spring. These options should be available above. Please fill out this section prior to adding the Ohlins TTX shock to your shopping cart. Fine tuning is recommended by a suspension tech once the shock is installed.

    * The result of 100 World titles in 3 decades of world championship road racing

    * Suspension comes with independent setting of high- and low-speed compression and rebound damping

    * The above features facilitate a large range of adjustments with equal increments of force all through the settings range – depending on the types of tracks and conditions; there is a facility to even change the shape of the damping curve.

    * All preload and rebound adjustments have an effect on the piston’s flow of damping oil, but there is no effect on the shock piston rod or oil displacement volume.

    * The damping forces of compression are unique – contrary to a conventional shock, any drop in pressure on the rebound side of the piston does not cause compression. In fact it results from pressure increase on the compression side.

    * This results in reduced cavitation and makes it unnecessary to have high gas pressure in the shock reservoir.  This leads to keeping only minimum internal pressure in the shock unit

    * Excellent suspension achieved with low internal pressure - even the shock is subjected to a short stoke/high force.

    * Piggyback style of shock reservoir provides better cooling to the shock oil for improved, continuous damping, and extended damper life.

    * Picture is representational. Actual Product May Vary.

    Ohlins Letter Code System:

    S - Single Tube Design

    T - Twin Tube Design 36,39,44,46,50,etc. - Piston diameter in mm.

    E - Emulsion type

    D - Monotube high pressure gas type with internal reservoir in main body

    P - Montotube high pressure gas type with external "piggy back" reservoir

    H - Monotube high pressure gas type, hose mounted external reservoir

    K - Emulsion type for cruiser bikes Q1 - Progressive damping with two pistons

    W - Delivered without spring C1 - Adjustable compression damping. Adjuster on reservoir

    C2 - Adjustable high & low speed compression damping.

    C4 - Electronically controlled (EC) compression damping

    R1 - Adjustable rebound damping. Adjuster wheel on end-eye

    R1 - Adjustable rebound with adjuster on the reservoir

    R4 - Electronically controlled (EC) rebound damping adjuster

    S - Hose mounted hydraulic spring preload adjuster

    S1 - Electronically controlled (EC) hydraulic preload adjuster

    B - Integrated hydraulic spring preload adjuster.

    L - Adjustable length

    • Product ID: 41165
    • Manufacturer: Ohlins
    • Manufacturer Part#: SU026_PC30
    • Fits
      • Suzuki Hayabusa 2008
      • Suzuki Hayabusa 2009
      • Suzuki Hayabusa 2010
      • Suzuki Hayabusa 2011
      • Suzuki Hayabusa 2012
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized Ohlins dealer

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