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Motorcycle Parts for Performance & Track Riders

Love us or hate us, performance riders are hard charging competitors that are looking to ride harder, faster and safer with their sportbikes to take that number one spot at the race track. We're all about weight savings, power-to-weight and air-fuel ratios and extreme lean angles. We live to drag knee and we loathe anything shiny on a motorcycle. Below you'll find performance brands we adore. We hope this article will help you go in the right direction with your upgrade path.

M4 Exhausts
M4 offers modern sportbikes with a slew of slip-on and full system exhaust options at a made-in-the-USA price that's hard to beat. From their (in)famous GP exhaust system to their carbon fiber Street Slayer and Tech 1 exhausts, you'll find an option that you'll be sure to love. The weight savings and power gains will help put your bike at the front of the pack.


Yoshimura Exhausts & Accessories
Yoshimura offers an insane selection of aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories. At their core, they have track tested exhaust systems for your sportbike that are guaranteed to transform your purring kitten into a asphalt hungry beast. Yosh also has frame sliders and engine guards that'll keep your bike safe in the event of a crash.

Dynojet Power Commanders
No power upgrade is complete without a Power Commander V from Dynojet. This is the supplemental brain that helps your stock ecu deal with the full exhaust system you've installed in order to keep your power delivery smooth while still giving maximum potential. If you've installed an aftermarket exhaust or air filter, you're going to want to look at a Power Commander V and Auto-Tune combination to keep things running in tip-top shape.

BMC & K&N Air Filters
More air in equals more power. A high flow race spec filter from BMC or K&N will offer loads of increased air flow for your engine. When installed in combination with an exhaust and power commander, you'll see increases in horsepower and changes in power delivery characteristics.

Ohlins Suspension
All the power in the world isn't going to make you faster unless you are able to utilize it. This is where Ohlins suspension comes in. Rarely needing any introduction, this brand is seen on top performing and championship winning motorcycles on race tracks around the world. This is the good stuff you want. If you purchase your Ohlins suspension from Solo Moto, we'll custom spring and valve your suspension to your weight and riding style.

Scotts Steering Dampers
The reasons for a steering damper are much like the reasons for upgrading your suspension. It's another piece of the equation for going really, really fast as it boosts your riding confidence. When you feel more confident, you go faster. A Scotts steering damper (or stabilizer) will help you hard charge into and out of corners with confidence. It'll stabilize your braking and corner entry and mid corner stability. as well as during hard acceleration when the front wheel is slightly floating.

Pazzo Racing Adjustable Levers
"Power is nothing without control." Pazzo Levers give riders the adjustment necessary to have a safe and comfortable set of brake and clutch levers. Hand controls have a lot going on during any performance ride or track day event that these are a must have. These levers are also available in folding levers to help save the lever during tip-overs. If all that adjustment potential wasn't enough, Pazzo has come up with a huge (insane) variety of color combations to choose from.

Galfer Brake Lines, Pads and Rotors
Many riders forget how important brake power is (or rather brake feel) on the race track. Putting together the right combination of brake lines, brake pads and brake rotors will round out your riding experience and allow you to push harder and go faster, safer. Luckily, Galfer makes just about everything you need to bring your brakes to the next level. They even have sweet color options available for their brake lines so you can customize away.


Driven Racing Sprockets
A lightweight drive system is more important on a smaller displacement motor (like a 600cc and below) and simply switching out to lightweight 520 sprockets and chain will save significant weight off your drive system - essentially feeing up more power and eliminating power loss to the ground. Adjusting your sprocket teeth (gear ratio) to suit your riding conditions will greatly improve the way your bike performs. Many 600 riders will go -1/+2 on their front/rear sprockets. Check out also chains from RK and DID.


All black rearsets really set of the way a sportbike looks. In the world of peformance, however, the stiff aftermarket rearset and aggressive pegs will give you the upmost confidence when transitiong from left to right while charging hard on the race track. Choose from many brands.

Brembo Master Cylinder
A new master cylinder will liven up your braking system and give you the brake feel and bike you're looking for. Available in many populare options like 19x18 or 19x20, you can pick up a master cylinder for track duty at a pretty fair price. If you're going on-off the track, check out the adjustable 19RCS which will retain many features that will allow you to keep riding on the street.