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Mirai Battery Lightweight, Lithium 325 CCA (MLP-2112-C4)

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    Product Information

    Mirai Battery Lightweight, Lithium 325 CCA (MLP-2112-C4)

    * The MLP-2112-C4 uses the latest in lithium battery technology to provide the highest current in a small, lightweight package. It is guaranteed to provide better performance and provide several times the lifetime of the original battery with proper use and maintenance.

    Specifications: MLP-2112-C4
    Length: 150mm - 5.91in
    Width: 87mm - 3.43in
    Height: 94mm - 3.70in
    Weight: 960g - 2.11lbs
    Capacity: 21Ah PbEqv
    Cold Crank Rating at 0F: 325 CCA

    1. Why should I get a lithium starter battery?
    Lithium batteries provide multiple advantages over standard lead-acid batteries for engine starting use.

    Substantially lighter
    Lithium batteries are just a fraction of the weight of the original lead-acid battery. For comparison, to replace a 9.70lbs Yuasa YTX14-BS used on numerous motorcycles, the Mirai MLP-1512-C2 weighs just 1.74lbs for a weight savings of 7.96lbs. That's an 82% weight reduction which could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in aftermarket parts if you were to try to save that much weight elsewhere.

    More powerful
    Lithium batteries we utilize operate at a higher voltage than standard lead-acid battery, giving you more power across the chart. Lead-acid batteries drop to just 12.5v when only 20% of the battery capacity is used, but lithium batteries provide over 12.8v even when only 20% of the battery capacity is remaining!
    Lower self-discharge rate
    Lead-acid batteries lose 4%-25% of their charge every month depending on the quality of the plates and separators used. If you leave a vehicle unattended for a month, the lead-acid battery might lose so much power that the vehicle might not start. On the other hand, our lithium battery chemistry loses less than 3% of charge per month, you can go for several months without having to worry. Of course, you should always check to make sure there are no additional power draining devices attached to the battery.

    Safer and easier to handle
    Mirai MLP batteries contain no toxic substances and RoHS free; there is no toxic lead, no corrosive sulfuric acid and as a result, no possible way for an explosive gassing event that occurs with lead-acid batteries. In addition, there is no need to maintain acid levels and worry about venting. Mirai MLP batteries can be installed in any orientation, and the only maintenance involved is just to ensure the battery never gets beyond 80% drained to ensure optimal life.

    Long lasting
    Cheap lead-acid batteries usually only last 1 to 2 years while gel and AGM lead-acid batteries last 3-5 years with proper maintenance. However, Mirai MLP batteries can provide 12-15 years of use, easily exceeding the life of any lead-acid battery. Battery life depends purely on proper operation and maintenance, so use common-sense and ensure the battery does not drain beyond 80% discharge. Mirai MLP batteries come with a 3 year pro-rated warranty.

    2. What advantages does Mirai MLP offer over other lithium starter batteries?
    Mirai utilizes the latest advancements in lithium battery technology to bring you the best battery for your vehicle.
    Best quality electrolytes - Mirai MLP series batteries utilize brand new, high purity and high quality electrolytes sourced from Japanese suppliers. We do not use recycled lithium and do our best to minimize impurities with our production processes which we have developed over years of experience with military, space and aviation applications. The quality of the raw materials is tantamount to ensuring a long-lasting, consistent performing cell. The cells are made over a 12 week period where we begin with a 6 week long material settling process followed by individual cell testing and cell matching to ensure consistent internal resistance between the cells in a pack; a very long and tedious procedure, but essential in bringing a quality product to the market. This combined with our strict quality control and mass production technologies allow us to make the finest batteries at the most attractive price points.

    High surface anode prismatic cells - We've taken prismatic cells to the next level with our high surface area anodes. Prismatic cells have an obvious advantage over cylindrical cells in which it offers the greatest flexibiliy in battery sizing. Using high quality electrolytes combined with a higher surface area anode material allows us to extract the same high-discharge rates that previously gave cylindrical cells the one single advantage over the years. The prismatic design also allows for more margins of safety with cell expansion over a wide temperature range.
    Unique dual-terminal design - Another design unique to the Mirai MLP is a dual-terminal design which allows for one battery to adapt to two different mounting positions. Whereas in the past, you had to get a specific battery for your application based on polarity, our dual-terminal design allows you to easily switch battery polarity allowing for more flexibility.
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    • Manufacturer: Mirai
    • Type: Universal/Multi-Fit/Not Bike Specific Item
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
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