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Fi Tuner Pro Fuel Injection Controller
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HealTech FI Tuner Pro Fuel Injection Controller for TL1000R 98-03

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    Product Information

    HealTech FI Tuner Pro Fuel Injection Controller for TL1000R 98-03

    True MAP based FI module, designed specifically for SUZUKI motorcycles

    Nothing like this on the market - it communicates with the factory ECU/ECM (bike computer) to get the fueling right, no matter what exhaust and air filter you use. After setup, the module improves throttle response and power at all throttle positions, in the entire RPM range. The engine becomes smooth and precise. Increased torque at low RPMs allows using one gear higher than usual, which also improves fuel economy.

    FI Tuner Pro is a true map-based tuner, adjusting at 11 throttle positions in 500 RPM increments. It supports fuel addition AND subtraction (there are times subtraction is needed), and it can store 3 independent user-selectable maps. It controls all 8 injectors on an inline-4 bike.

    Most competing units only control 4 injectors (PC3, etc). Also, several competing "fuel injection controllers" aren't even truly map-based kits. What they call "maps" are just pre-programmed settings for constant throttle/accelerate, full throttle. This is more like fancy carb jetting than making an accurate map for Air-Fuel ratios across the gear and RPM range.

    FI Tuner Pro - Mounted
    FI Tuner Pro connects to the ECU expansion port under the seat in just a few minutes. No need to remove fuel tank or fairings. Size is about 1/3 the dimensions of the PC3/PC5. Setup is very quick due to the "Auto Cell Select" and "Immediate AFR Response to Cell Update" features. The table is color coded for easy/fast viewing. The unit can be set up manually (without dyno) if customer has an AFR gauge or AFR logger and simply wants to add fuel in small increments (never subtract fuel by guesswork).

    FI Tuner Pro has simple, responsive, and efficient interface. No confusing options, no menus, everything is shown at a glance. AUTOMATIC fail-safe software AND firmware updates. Unit is USB-powered and fully USB-native so tuning is dead simple.

    FI Tuner Pro fits most Suzuki EFI models from 1997 to present. So it can be moved to any other Suzuki EFI motorcycle.
    * While the FI Tuner Pro does not mate to a native quick shifter module, you CAN USE a stand-alone quick shifter module kit (Bazzaz, etc) in complete harmony with this kit. It also works great with an X-TRE or GIPRO w/ATRE installed.
    • Product ID: 38684
    • Manufacturer: HealTech
    • Fits
      • Suzuki TL1000R 1998
      • Suzuki TL1000R 1999
      • Suzuki TL1000R 2000
      • Suzuki TL1000R 2001
      • Suzuki TL1000R 2002
      • Suzuki TL1000R 2003
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized HealTech dealer

    Customer Reviews About This Item

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      Fuel Controller
      by Dylan B. on 04/07/13
      Pros: - Big time increase in throttle response, especially when in overdrive.
      - More horsepower and torque in all gears.
      Cons: - Lower fuel economy.

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